Thursday, April 15, 2010

eBay....Yet Again.....The Fun Continues!

RE: My China/NY/CA buyer.....

He won't respond to my request for clarification about where or who he is since he seems to be in 3 places at once.
So I wrote him after waiting 48 hours for his response and told him the deal is off and he'd be getting his Paypal $$ refunded after I sent this email off.

Paypal refunded....check
Transaction canceled with eBay....check
Items relisted.....still to-do

I went and did some checking on this Buyer's activities.
He has been registered since this month on eBay.
He had bid and won(not counting the items he didn't win) 32 ITEMS between 4/11 & 4/13!
32 items....2 iPads and 30 Transformer toys.
3 days.
Over $2,500 worth of stuff.

At that point, my Fraud Radar was spinning out of control.

After I cancelled the transactions, refunded the money and blocked him from my listings I reported his 'suspicious activity' to eBay.
I doubt that eBay will do anything(as they have failed to in the past in my experience)until this clown starts throwing Chargebacks at sellers from Paypal.
At least I won't be one of them....this time!

Perhaps I need to add an "I only ship to the address listed on your Paypal payment" Term of Sale?

Excuse me now....I need to go answer some Emails to Seller from Overseas Buyers who want me to send heavy stuff internationally.  I predict their asses will promptly drop off their posteriors when I quote the shipping costs to them.



  1. I think you did the right thing and I'm glad you blocked him from your listings. I was going to suggest that, but I forgot.

    Yes, I think you'd be perfectly justified in saying you'll ship to only PayPal verified addresses. I've shipped to alternate addresses before, but either I was lucky or I just had a good feeling about the buyer. Usually it's been a gift for a buyer's mom or best friend.

    I am beginning to count myself among the fortunate few who haven't had lots of major problems with eBay buyers.

  2. Wow! You did the right thing! I had someone hack into my Ebay account trying to sell golf clubs internationally and telling the buyer to send their Paypal amount to a different email address! I hadn't used my Ebay account in a while and only got wind of it when the buyer emailed me directly because I hadn't sent the clubs yet... hmmm...

  3. Oh boy are you right to be rid of this guy! And yes, good idea blocking him from bugging you any further. He won't be on ebay very long probably, but other people are gonna get hurt before he's done :P


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