Friday, June 22, 2018

Frugal Friday.....June 22nd Edition

Let's take a look around and see what frugal wins we had this past week.........

*   Basically free after BC mouth wash at R-A this week....

*  I sold some diapers locally this week.....

$65.50 back in my pocket.

*  Hubs picked up the Weis Friday Freebie last Friday.......

Free Weis "Pop-Tarts".  Somebody around here will eat these(not me). 8-P

*  More free items at Rite-Aid last Friday.  The toothpaste was totally free and didn't use any of my Bonus Cash even!

*  Remember that Aleve I also bought at Rite-Aid last week?
There is an offer for a free movie ticket this Summer when you buy qualifying Aleve products.  $5 off a ticket for 1 bottle, $13 off two tickets for 2 bottles(when purchased on the same receipt).
Details on the offer HERE.
I received my movie ticket code on Wednesday.
I'll use this the day Hubs decides to do his beer brewing since the smell is overpowering to me and I'll want to be somewhere other than the house.  I'll do a little grocery shopping after the movie since I'll be near a few food stores down there.

* I earned .25¢ back on Ibotta. whoopee! lolz

*  Hubs and I had a yearning for some Chinese food so we had a lunch date out at our local Asian restaurant. Lunch prices and lunch sized portions are good for our wallet and our waistlines.  8-)

*  I picked the first greens from our garden this week......

4 ounces of leaf lettuce.  Ok let's call it a quarter pound because that sounds like more. lol

*  I bought 2 pair of shoes on Thursday online.  Easy Spirit was having a one day sale on the Summer Solstice. (I know how Belinda loves these things at the grocery store!) 
I found something I could use that was on sale plus purchasing them on the Solstice gave me a code for an additional 30% off.....AND free shipping too! 8-)

*  In conjunction with buying the shoes I went through a cash back site to make the purchase and earned back $1.10 cash, so an additional discount on the footwear.

So what frugal-ness did you experience this past week?
Tell us all about your wins.....



  1. I spent all our money on groceries Monday night so I'm being frugal since then by only using what we have. I know it's only Friday... but to me that's saying something.

  2. No garden this year. Jealous of your fresh lettuce. The next best thing, our city's farmer's market, opens this weekend. They keep printing coupons in the Penny Saver and then in today's paper. $2 each so I'll save $6! NIce!

  3. I am totally uninspired to do anything more than what has to be done, so there has been no recreational spending and no purchases other than 2 1.99 kindle books. Yes, it takes little to keep me amused.

  4. I've been far too busy working to even think about shopping. I'll call that a win!

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  6. Nothing really frugal, except that I pretty much ate leftovers all week.

  7. I picked up a part time summer job so I've been too busy to do any extra spending. Oldest had a well doctor visit with no co-pay. Sis in law visited and brought a cookie cake. Kids have been busy volunteering so they aren't begging me to drive them anywhere. They're too tired when they're done to do much. Lol :)

  8. Yay on the lettuce. We went antiquing this weekend which most would. Say is. NOT frugal. We know our prices though, and research thoroughly so we did get. Some good deals.


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