Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tightwad Much?

I came across these series of videos on YouTube from the BBC show on Tightwads.

Here is the first video and if you watch it the subsequent ones should begin playing automatically afterwards.....

The English call tightwadery being "mean". 
Interesting, the expression "mean with money".

Give these a watch when you have some free time.   They are at least good for a giggle.  Heck, some of them might give you some good ideas! lolz

What have you done that would fall under the tightwad category?



  1. That wishing well idea might work.... Now where can I put it? Hmmmm.... thinking.

  2. I'm a veritable spendthrift compared to those folks. Pouring bath water into the toilet to flush it (Part 2) - I just couldn't be bothered to live like that. I mean...what do they do with the money they're saving - NOTHING!!

    1. Jane,
      It's about not flushing shit with potable water. It's probably about a challenge to themselves. I have not watched it but will.

      I put tub water in the commode tank when I could lift the bucket.

      The power board employee was surprised because even one person used more water than I did. Sometimes, there were two. I even filled my claw foot tub very full.

  3. haven't seen these programmes, will have to watch them when I have time.

  4. My refusal to use or buy tp and paper towels and napkins might be sort of tightwaddy.

    1. no tp?????? i dare not ask the next question.

  5. I hate buying things we can't eat, like feminine products, TP, plastic bags (which we use sparingly), paper towel, etc., so what I do is buy a bunch of it all at once. I don't have to worry about it again for a long time.

    Our needs aren't great, and we aren't big spenders. We aren't tight wads, but we do watch our expenses. Turning out lights when you leave the room just makes sense. We don't go so far as to use bath water to flush the toilet, but we do our business a couple of times before flushing. Luckily, we don't live in the western US where there isn't enough water. A family member isn't even allowed to collect rainwater for watering the goats and horses. Another family member collects the water "wasted" while waiting for the water to warm and uses it for something else.

    There are certainly mental illnesses at work with these featured people. They can well afford to live like the rest of us, but they have a psychological disorder that prevents them from doing so. They seem to be in pain, too.


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