Friday, May 1, 2015

Stocking Up for the Home Bound Time & Beyond

Where I had my cataract surgery.

1 Day out and we're doing fine.  Do you think this Ray Charles look will catch on? 
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In preparation of my not being able to drive for about a week(due to my cataract surgery)I withdrew my May food budget monies from the bank this past week and spent a good part of my time before Thursday hitting up the various stores for groceries.
I'll add that I was getting antsy to get out of the house anyway, as the impending house-bound period coming up was closing in on me. ;-)

I went to Ollie's(Good Stuff Cheap!)as I had a 10% your shopping trip card sent to me earlier in the year that was expiring soon.......

2 x Wheat Thins crackers $1.68 -50% discount=$1.68
3 x Chicken Stock $1.29-10% discount=$3.48
2 x Olive Oil $1.99-10% discount=$1.79
1 x Dill Pickles $1.49=10% discount=$1.34
3 x Ramen bowls .79¢=10% discount=$2.13
4 x Peach Iced Tea packets .99¢=10% discount=$3.16
1 x Nutmeg $1.49-10% discount=$1.34
1 x Pumpkin Pie Spice mix .99¢=10% discount=.89¢
1 x Chex granola .99¢-10% discount=.89¢
1x Russell Stover Easter Egg .25¢-10% discount=.22¢
Total spent.....$16.92
Reg. retail of items=$35.11

There was a trip to Weis(PMITA)Markets last Saturday too(no picture)to do the PepsiCo Spend $40/Get $10 OYNO Deal....
8 x 8 packs of G2 Gatorade=$40
I also picked up---
1 x J Martin bacon $3.00-$1/1 Weis Q=$2.00
1 x load of Pumpernickel bread $3.39-50% disc.=$1.69
1 x Perdue breaded chicken cutlets 40% disc.=$2.40
1 x Bear Naked granola on sale $2.99-$1.25/1 IPQ=$1.74
Total spent....$50.22(+$2.40tax)
Reg. retail of items=$70.17

A quick run into Sam's Club--again, not picture.
1 case G2 Gatorade=$12.98
1 large pack of Pastrami lunchmeat(for hubs lunches)=$12.88
Total spent.....$26.64
Reg. retail of items=$37.07

A stop at Target--

1 x hummus on sale=$2.50
1 x lime juice on sale=.79¢
Total Spent.....$3.29
Reg. retail=$4.58

And I picked up these, coming to a blog giveaway in the coming months......

3 x Maybelline mascara $4.49 reg.=$13.47
3 x $2/1 Maybelline Qs on coupons dotcom=$6.00
I used a $5 Target gift card I had making it--
$2.47+.15¢ tax=$2.62
And I earned another $5 Target gift card for buying 3 of these, so $2.62 OOP or .87¢ each.

Then on Wednesday I hit Weis and the local Shursave stores one last time.......


8 x OEP green chiles on sale 4/$5=$10.00
1 x Chicken thighs on sale=$3.55 *
2 x BYTC(house brand)Bacon on sale w/flyer Q=$3.98
1 x Kingsford Charcoal on sale=$8.99 *not pictured*
2 x Glad plastic wrap=$5.66
2 x Glad trash bags=$11.38
Total Spent......$43.14(w/tax)
Reg. retail=$54.45

*The Old El Paso was on sale plus if you spent $10 you got $3 off a pack of beef or chicken, so the thighs only cost me .55¢ after the discount was applied.
I also had clipped a SavingStar electronic Q for $1/3 OEP items so I'll see another $1 rebate in my SavingStar account soon, meaning 8 cans of chiles and a pack of chicken "cost" me $9.55 in the end.

**The Kingsford and Glad products are part of a Spend $25/Get $10 OYNO Deal.  I spent $26.03 and earned $10 rebate on next purchase.
The Glad items also counted toward my SavingStar Spent $25/Get $5 Rebate Deal and put me over $25 for that, so I'll get another $5 cash in my SavingStar account.

After all savings and rebates I "spent" $37.14 on this order.

Then one last trip to Weis(PMITA)Markets......

They are running an .88¢ when you buy in multiples of 8 Deal on many products.  I got 16 of these products--

5 x 6 packs of Flavored Water .88¢=$4.40 *not pictured*
2 x Weis olives .88¢=$1.76
9 x G2Gatorade quarts .88¢=$7.92 *not pictured*
1 x Weis dill pickles=$1.88 *not pictured*
1 x shredded Carrots reg. price=$2.29
1 x 50% bakery lemon pie=$3.49 I needed some comfort ;-)
2 x Sargento shredded cheese on sale=$5.00
2 x seasoned chicken breasts on sale=$7.68
1.79 lb. gourmet burgers=$8.04
1.14 lb. angus beef steak=$7.40
2 x 2lb. boxed of hamburger patties on sale $6.99ea.=$13.98

Coupons Used
2 x .50¢/1 Sargento IPQ doubled to $1 each(coupons dotcom)=$2.00
1 x $2/wyb $40 Weis Q Code(for doing a feedback survey)=$2.00
3 x $3 instant meat discount=$9.00
2 x $2 instant meat discount=$4.00
1 x $1 instant meat discount=$1.00
Coupon Total....$18.00

$63.84 + .72¢ tax=$64.56-$18=$46.56 OOP

A savings rate of 52%!

I am most proud of snagging these though......
These 2lb. burger packs retail for $12.99 each.
They were on sale this week for $6.99 each.
With $3 off instant stickers made them $3.99 out the door.
That's $2 a lb. for ground beef!

When College Boy is home there are many burgers and tacos consumed so this was a great buy just now as he is coming home next weekend for the Summer.
If you don't want to use them as burgers it's no trouble at all the thaw and chop them up to make taco filling.  A multi-tasking food purchase. lol

I spent a whopping $191.43 on food this week during 6 shopping trips.
Regular retail on what I got was $312.70.

And I earned $21 in cash rebates and/or store credit for later.




  1. Hey hey, be careful about that hummus. There was a recall recently on that brand, but I hope it's another variety. I hope yours is not affected. Better check it out. Let me see if I can do it now...
    Hopefully yours is fine.

  2. You bring cool to cataract surgery lol.

  3. I LOVE the ray charles look!

    spouse was allowed to drive after 2 days rest.

  4. So glad surgery went well! And yep, you sport a very nice look in those glasses! :)

  5. Hot mama in those cool shades! LOL!

    My dr actually only restricted me from driving for 3 days after the first surgery. I COULDN'T drive for 2 weeks, but I wasn't restricted from it. Just felt it was safer to to the world as I could not see. LOL! The day after my second surgery, the dr told me I could go ahead and drive when I wanted to as my eye was perfect. I went to the hairdresser the next day. :-)

    Hope you are doing well between surgeries. Do you/did you have a really strong prescription before so are having trouble seeing or are you doing okay?


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