Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let the Saving Begin!

So I'm part of a newsgroup called THE COMPACT. We support each other over there in our individual quests to be good stewards of our selves, our families and our planet. We avoid consumerism(don't buy new)as we try to live a life using as little of the earth's resources as we can.

One of our members has initiated a Savings Challenge for 2009. I have taken up that challenge gauntlet and am using this Blog to chronicle my efforts to Save a Big Ol' Wad of Ca$h in 2009.

My list-mates goal is an ambitious $100,000. My goal is a 'mere' $60,000. Yes, you read that correctly, 60 THOUSAND DOLLARS! That averages out to $5000.00 a month. And Yes, I AM out of my mind.
Since I am taking up this challenge on Jan. 20th(the day before my Birthday BTW), I am already nearly a month behind my monthly goal!EEK

I'll be tracking monthly expenditures for our family vs. family income and throwing any cash left at the end of the month into this Savings Account. Additionally, I'll be thinking up ways to bring in additional monies into the home.

I'm starting off with the cash I received for Christmas totaling $50.00 Hey, that's 1% of my monthly goal! Only $4,950 to go..... woohoo
I'm off to go search sofa cushions now....


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  1. This sounds like a total blast! We have been collecting our change in cannisters all over the house for a long time. Feeling particularly poor I took all the change to our bank before going to New York last week. They have a self serve counter...we were able to pay the dog sitter and about pay for almost 2 night in the hotel! I was amazed to find that we saved over $330 just by having cannisters for loose change. I keep one by the washing machine, one on my dresser and one in my office...

    I am totally enthralled with reading your blog...thanks for identifying yourself to me today!


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