Monday, January 26, 2009

Is that a Sausage in Your Pocket?

I read last weekend on someone's blog about how the online Hickory Farms store was having this BIGTIME After Xmas Clearance Sale. I went to the site and ordered all the goodies pictured here. Everything I bought was 85% OFF and I got another 15% off at checkout with a code I found. It's almost $350 worth of fancy pants knoshing food and WITH the shipping I paid....are you ready??


I ordered it on Sat., they shipped it Wed.(my birthday!) and it was here on Fri. I was in the grocery store last night and saw that my local market sells those little HF Summer Sausage rolls for $6.99 EACH!! I am now the proud owner of 14 of those bad boys. It's enough to make my arteries shutdown just thinking about all that yummy, fat laden, lip smakin' hog goodness.

Ok, ok.....yes, I am part of the Compact group and we don't buy stuff, but this isn't stuff, it's FOOD. So it's aok. And I don't feel too bad about all that packaging either. HF now uses recycled paper for their boxes(well, that's what they say) and there was not a fleck of styrofoam in my shipment. I can tear up every piece of packing materials here and throw it into my compost pile! Cheap cheese, crackers and meats and saving the planet, all in one fell swoop...
Well, except for all that fuel burned to transport this feast to PA.
Ah, the guilt takes over once again. You truly can't have your carbon neutral and eat your pig cake too.

Looking all this yumminess over, I feel the need for a Super Bowl Party next weekend. Time to tuck it away in my homemade root cellar in the garage until the game.
The party starts at noon. Don't be late.


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