Sunday, January 12, 2020

What Sluggy Got For Christmas

I know, I know.  You've all been wondering what Santa brought me for Christmas and holding your breath in antici............pation(thank you Rocky Horror for that!)to see the goodies he left me under the tree.

We are pretty low key when it comes to gifting here.  No new cars with big bows, expensive jewelry, trips to exotic lands are found in our stockings.  But if that's your thing and you can afford it without going into debt, have at it!  8-)))

So without further ado, here are Sluggy's goodies........

My brother and sister in-law sent me this heated wrap.  I have gotten where I dislike the extreme cold in Winter here so it will be used.
Bonus-It's PURPLE!

Sonya sent me this framed artwork.  I need to figure out where to hang it now...somewhere I can see it often and think of her. ;-)

Back in October when Kim, Sissie and I had out girls weekend in Ocean City I had brought their Xmas presents(because I am too cheap to mail them in Dec. since I was seeing them in Oct. lol).
Well, when we hit the outlet malls down in Rehoboth they each surprised me in the Vera Bradley outlet and bought me all this--a large travel duffel bag(which got christened going to the wedding in Louisiana)a Hipster purse(because well, I am just so "hip"-or is that hippy?)and a new coordinating wallet.  The pattern of the duffel and purse is called "Batik Leaves" and it's dreamy and purple.  And the discounted prices at the outlet were really low and I LOVE it all!

Eldest son's GF's parents sent this gift basket to us when they showed up for Xmas..........

Since they were heading back there for NYE party I gave the GF a box of Russell Stover's Truffles to give them too.

A reader sent me a set of cool potholders/hotpads.

We had met in person on that Road Trip in the Summer of 2017 and had reconnected via email right before Xmas and she sent me these.  I know her mom quilts and stuff so I don't know who made them, G. or her mom.  But I love the combo of the purple and grey prints especially.
And I promise G. I WILL email you as soon as life settles down a bit here!! ;-)

I picked up this Instant Pot for our kitchen to replace my workhorse crock pot that has decided that the only setting it has now are Off and HIGH. lolz  It gave me $15 in Kohl's cash that I then used to cover some of the cost of the new sweaters/pullovers Hubs needed to replace his shabby/need to be thrown out ones.

The 3 food items on the right in the photo were from Eldest son, Biscuit mix from Byrd Mill(owned by Patrick Henry's father back in the day), a small can of pistachios and Virginia country ham slices, local to him stuff I can't get up here in Yankee land with ease.
The 2 gift cards were from Hubs-1 to Ocean State Job Lot(which I'll prolly spend on food items or dog treats)and a gift card to Amazon.
The other items on the left in the photo were stocking stuffers--a charging cord to keep in my car, a small scented candle, car air fresheners(is he trying to tell me something?!lol), 2 pencil sharpeners so I don't have to climb stairs to use the electric one and a bag of Fritos(which was odd).
He also gave me a fridge magnet of a ruby coated Cavalier King Charles Spaniel(which is the color Dixie is).
Hubs also bought me this.....

A Cavalier calendar.  Now that Hubs Sicilian calendar blogger Treaders sent him last year is finished we needed a 2020 one so in honor of the newest member of the family we are back to puppies.

But the best thing I got(and asked specifically for from Hubs)was this...........

A fellow blogger I read, Gill up in Canada got one of these car decals this past year and I just loved it!!!
I get so many people remarking on my passenger when I drive around town. lolz

I hear what with Andrew's hi-jinx and Harry and Megan wanting to step down from duties that there might be an opening soon and since the Queen is a distant cousin of mine(18th 1 x removed), well....if called to serve, how can I refuse?!?!

The least I can do for now is chauffeur her around the Colonies when she is in town. *snort*

All in all it was a good Christmas between having family here and my gifties.



  1. You got lots of great stuff but the car decal is the best.

  2. Your family and friends know you well. I was petered out by Christmas and didn't even get the last of my cards mailed.

  3. Tommy laughed at the car decal. Be kind to her. Sooo, are you saying you like purple??? I knew that, jk. I have never had a crockpot quit working because I break the crock first.

  4. I love the Queen, must get one of these for Sissie. Miss you lots.

  5. Harry and Megan spent Christmas on my Island...needless to say the locals were all in a tizzy (I am on the other end of the island thankfully). Now there is word they might move to Canada part time...I am ok with it as long as it doesn't cost us more in taxes to ensure they are safe. They are a bit of a tourist attraction. You did good on Christmas. Ours is low key like yours. I got earrings, a makeup mirror both from hubby (I picked out both too), a nightgown from mom along with a really neat box we found at the thrift store and the kids got me amazon Gcs and an adult colouring book. I could easily do Christmas without the gifts though, just decorations, lights and food really make it for me.

  6. Car decal. Hands down the best! Love it. Glad you had a great Christmas. Take care.

  7. Hi Sluggy,
    I have an idea where you can open up for questions to ask Sluggy on one of your blog posts. As I read your posts I come up with all sorts of things I think about and want to ask. Of course now that I'm writing this my mind is a blank space. lol. I do love that you post found money. I am constantly amazed at how much I pick up off the ground or in coinstar machines. Went to pick up two pennies outside of Safeway last week and my husband almost fell over the top of me. He should know I stop for ALL money! Oh I remember one question. Where do you keep all the wonderful freebies and goodies that you get at the stores. Do you have a closet, boxes, in a spare room? Pictures please. lol. Take care.


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