Thursday, January 23, 2020

Shopping This Week

I hit a few stores this past week, besides Rite-Aid that is. '-)

I did the Finish Deal again last Sunday.........

3 x Finish dishwasher tabs on sale $5 ea.=$15.00
I used $4 in Qs(1 x $2/1 Manu/2 x $1/1 IPQ)and got $5 off Instantly so $15.00-$9.00=$6.00 + .72¢ tax=$6.72 OOP
That's $2.24 per bag.
I also got 2 cans of OJ concentrate so that total for all was $10.06.

On Monday Hubs and I hit Big Lots in the town South of us.  We were down there so he could go to Lowe's and the Sporting Goods store that carries gun stuff and I talked him into poking around in BL too since I had the 20% anything in the store Q with me.

We didn't get a lot, just a few items we needed(plus 6 bottles of peroxide which didn't make it into the photo).  As we left I noticed a shopping cart with clearance dog food items too and these, besides being clearance priced were also another 20% off.
A 6 pack of Iams wet dog food for .62¢ total, 3 bags of Purina Beyond for $2.40 per bag?
Oh heck yeah!
OOP was $25.66 for everything+peroxide(and sales tax).

And since we were there I ran into Aldi for a few things...........

4 x whole mushrooms, a gallon of vegetable oil, a bag of tortilla chips, a box of corn starch, 3 packets of dry ranch dressing mix, a pack of chicken breakfast sausages, a bag of salad mix(not pictured), the last Pillsbury 2-pack pie crusts on clearance at $1.09 and 2.40 lbs. of ground beef at 50% off came to $22.96 out the door.

I'm at $58.68 for the week and I don't plan on doing any more grocery shopping this week.
I'm not going to be under $100 for the month but I am well under $200 for January at this point with only 8 days left in the month.

Any good deals where you live? 



  1. No good deals and I am spending even more on groceries than I would have imagined, Though, I do include all of pups stuff, personal,household (not medication), and things for work. I alos sent the college kid back with stuff that I counted.

  2. I stopped in at the shop to pick up milk and found one tray of rump steak at half price - its not something we usually eat as its so expensive - gosh it was good!!


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