Friday, January 24, 2020

Frugal Friday.....the January 24th Edition

Here's the round-up of all the frugal things in my world this past week......

*  I got the Weis Friday Freebie....

A jar of organic Dijon Mustard.  Will come in handy when I make Pecan Mustard Chicken or Spinach Salad Dressing.
I did other shopping this past week but read yesterday's post to catch-up on all that.

*  I earned another whopping .10¢ on Ibotta this past week.  I'm just burning rebating up this month! lolz  I also sat down and listed all the rebates I am waiting on in the mail......$10 from buying Clairol in Dec. at R-A, $15 from P and G from the Fall(didn't send that in until early Jan. tho)and a $20 Visa debit card from R-A from a deal there this month.  $45 in rebates that I hope will arrive before the end of February.

*  Hubs took me out on my birthday to the movies.  We headed to the $5.25 Tuesday Matinee at Cinemark. 
This dovetailed in quite nicely with the book I read last month, "The Gushing Fountain".  Now I need to get a hold of the novel this movie was based on.
And better yet, Hubs actually paid for the movie tickets out of his WAM.....I guess he does love me. ;-)

*  While in that area I hit up Panera for their Tuesday $6.99 Baker's Dozen Bagel Deal(used a free gift card to pay of course)and I also got a free Birthday pastry...........

*  Hubs and I went out for a Birthday steak dinner at Texas Roadhouse that night and I used a gift card for that as well.

*  I found money!

Another penny found outside of Rite-Aid by the garbage can there last Friday.

Then 2 more pennies inside in front of the pharmacy counter that same day, one in front of each of the two registers there.  I was in line behind some guy waiting on the pharmacist to fill his Rx so I had to wait FOREVER to get to them and feared he would look down and notice them while he was holding up the line.
But I prevailed....go. me.

Then chatting with my Rite-Aid hommies at the front register something shiny caught my eye under the magazine rack hooked to the front of the candy rack.  It turned out to be another lovely, lovely quarter!

Then I went to Weis Friday as well and as I approached the self-checkout machines I saw this Box Top and a penny laying in the middle of the area and scooped them up.

The self-checkout I chose to use had an empty partial dime coin wrapper next to the small trash can they keep at Weis by each machine.  I know from experience that whomever fills the change compartments in these machines isn't very careful about getting the coins INTO the machine always and the partial dime wrapper meant this machine was filled recently.
So walked up to the checkout machine, bent over and picked up the little trash can and was rewarded with a penny and a dime hiding there. Woot! ;-)

Then on Saturday I was back at R-A(early, before the pharmacy opened to finish my Spend $50/Get $20 Visa card Deal as snow was heading in later that morning)and saw this quarter laying on the floor in front of the pharmacy counter.
I have learned to always check the pharmacy area, as well as the front register area AND near the office too(as register drawers go in there to be counted and things could possibly spill and not get picked up).
Total change this week........65¢
Total change for the year....$1.48

That's about it for this past week.

What frugal-ness happened in your world?
Tell us all about it!



  1. that sounds all splendid; I hope your weekend is even better.

  2. Happy Money Week! I love found money!

  3. Look at you go, I wish I lived close so we could shop together and I could beat you to all that money.

  4. I wonder if quarters are lying around that I am too dense to find. You did prevail a lot! Nothing happening here.

  5. We are thinking of splurging on a full price movie tonight. It has been ages since we went out. It is so dark and gloomy, and to heck with the budget. Well, we have not eaten out this month at all either, so things are good.

  6. My local Lucky’s is going out of business and everything is 25% off. So it’s like the zombie apocalypse! Shelves are bare but I did manage to escape with a few items.

    The weird thing is they always sent 20% off coupons on a regular basis.

    Jen G.

  7. I've already seen JoJo Rabbit twice and am looking forward to a third time. Isn't it a great little movie?

    Happy New Years!

  8. Work, home, rinse, repeat. LOL

  9. Frugalness here at Chateau du Rhitter is making chicken fried rice for meals for the week, as well as homemade pasta sauce. My favorite store had a great coupon deal of buy one get one free. And then iBotta also found some money. Being that I have really small pantry, I am using up what I currently have, then will only shop for what I need.


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