Tuesday, January 14, 2020

2019 To-Do List.....December Update

Here's how I did getting stuff done in December.......

*  Pay Bills  DONE
All paid on time or early.  Now we have the added joy in January of doing the books for 2019 now that the financial year is complete.
Good times.....

*  Read 1, 2 Books  DONE
First I read this one......

"Mockingbird: A Portrait of Harper Lee" by Charles J. Shields
This is an updated version(added to since Nelle Harper Lee's death in 2016).
Anyone who loves Lee's "To Kill A Mockingbird" really needs to read this book.  Though not written with any input from the persons detailed in the book, the author gives us a very personal and detailed account of Harper Lee's life and personae. 
5 thumbs up!

Then I read this one.......

"A Gushing Fountain" by Martin Walser
Written by one of the best post war German writers(and just recently translated into English a few years ago), this semi-autobiographical work is well worth the time invested to read it.  It is multi-layered and deep and can be slow going.
On the surface it's about the life in a small rural provincial town in German in the early 1930's through WWII as experienced by a young boy/young man.  It's a coming of age story, it's a family dynamics story, set against a Germany heading into it's Third Reich government phase and all the sordid outcomes that brought about within Germany and beyond.
I saw many reviews of this book that basically said this book was so lame and boring.  I just don't think any of them got the point of this book.
If you are a fan of history and especially of the WWII era, this book will give you much to chew on and think about beyond the surface tale of a young boy coming of age.
Another 5 thumbs up but be prepared for a long slog through it or having to reread chapters(or the whole book as you'll get more out of it if you do that).

*  Hold Giveaways  DONE
I did two giveaways in December.

*  Mail Giveaways  DONE  All mailed and received(at least I think both were received because Jennifer didn't let me know if she got hers yet).

*  Do Christmas Cards  DONE  I mailed 20 cards and put 1 card inside a box I mailed, so 21 cards mailed.  I think I forgot a few folks unfortunately. 8-(

*  Decorate for Christmas  DONE

Other than putting up the tree and decorating it, wrapping pine garland on the stair bannister and setting out the Nativity creche that was all the decorating I did this year.

*  Wrap Christmas Gifts  DONE  Everything got wrapped.

*  Work on Christmas Gifts  DONE  I didn't have much to work on this year which was a good thing what with the wedding stuff coming up a week after Xmas ended.

*  Dr. Appointment  DONE  Got my bloodwork and OV taken care of.  Everything was fine and we are staying the course on the treatment I have going now.

*  Get Flu Shot  DONE  While I was at the doctor's office I remembered to ask for my flu shot.  Hey, that's an accomplishment for me....ask me how many times I went to the bank before I remembered to ask for more coin rolls to roll my change! lolz

*  Redo Address Book  IN PROGRESS  It's not finished but it'd mostly done.  I used the sending out Christmas cards to take the time to transfer addresses into the new book.  I still need to go through the old address book and make sure I didn't miss anyone before I pitch that one out.  I haven't updated my address book in 20 years or so and there were lots of changes of address plus many persons in that book that are no longer alive.  sigh.

*  Hang Curtains in Hubs' Room  DONE
I don't have a photo of this(as it's really nothing exciting to look at)but I got it finished.  Hubs waited until the last minute to put the rod up too.  Eldest son was sleeping in that room over Xmas and it gets the morning sun bad(or good if you like bright light in your eyes first thing in the morning)so this needed to be finished before the 25th.  I had to nag at him to hang the rod plus I just couldn't put the curtains on the rod and be done with it....the curtains had to be hemmed up so they didn't hang over the electric baseboard heater and I didn't know how short to hem them until I could see/measure the length from the rod. ugh.  men.

*  Cook for Christmas  DONE
I cooked and did as much prep and pie work as I could the day/night before.  Eldest son's GF doesn't eat Beef(except for tacos and burgers)and we were having a Beef Roast so I had to additional chore of making a Lasagna too.  fun times.
But it all got done and went well.

*  Hem Dress for Wedding  DONE
As soon as Xmas company was gone I went up and tried the dress on and with Hub's assistance pinning it, I set to hemming my dress.  It was a fairly easy chore and sent fast but it got put off too long due to so many other things on my plate in December.

Everything got accomplished(or in the case of the Address Book got a good start)in December.

I didn't put much on my To-Do List so I didn't get stressed out over the Holidays.  Maybe I am growing wiser in my old age? lol  I could have loaded the list up with so much more but I knew it would all be there in 2020 waiting for me and just the important/timely stuff went on the December To-Do List.



  1. Hm, your son's GF sounds like my stepdaughter...doesn't eat meat except McDonalds which is seriously the worst version of meat possible. She has lightened up a bit though in the last year and doesn't profess to be a vegetarian as in the past.

  2. I used to be in a class with a lovely older woman who was originally from Monroeville. She was childhood friends with Nell and her sister. She never referred to her as Harper. though and kind of winced when anyone else called her that. I loved talking to Frances and we often talked about the book, the town, and some of the characters who were like some composites of several towns people. Just ask about Dill!

    1. Both those books sound interesting. My Christmas things to accomplish was very short.

  3. The beef thing could be a digestion thing-I really struggle with steak and roast unless it is so tender it can practically be cut with a fork.I avoid it for the most part as well. That is an awfully busy month with a wedding and travel thrown in.

  4. "ugh men"?? That's awfully sexist and unnecessary. Hang it yourself if it's important.

  5. Jennifer in IndianaJanuary 14, 2020 at 5:50 PM

    Hi! This is Jennifer (LOL). Yes, I received my package, on a Sunday even! Thank you!

  6. I need to update my address book too, as it has many names of those who have passed. But then again, I may just keep it another year, or two.


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