Monday, November 11, 2019

This Week on the Dining Table

The "The End of Smoking Season" Edition................

Generally I have to do any meat smoking before the cold weather sets in because my little smoker can't maintain temperatures in the wind and cold.  An unplanned smoking session took place on Sunday as the weather hit 50F and I found some unexpected pork meat deals on Friday(see below) this did happened.

Moving On....
Onward to the meal planning!

This is what was planned--
1. Sunday--Rigatoni w/Sausage in Sauce
2. Monday--Pecan Chicken, Roasted Carrots and Taters
3. Tuesday--?(We are working the polls until 8+pm)
4. Wednesday--Chicken Parm w/Spaghetti, Salad
5. Thursday--Haluski(Cabbage, Noodles, Onions and Bacon)
6. Friday--No clue yet(maybe soup or chowder and cornbread as it's going to be frigid)
7. Saturday--No clue yet

And this is what actually happened--
1. Sunday--Rigatoni w/Sausage in Sauce
2. Monday--Pecan Chicken, Roasted Carrots and Taters
3. Tuesday--A Salad from McDonald's while working the polls
4. Wednesday--Apple Sausage, Sauteed Cabbage w/Onions
5. Thursday--Breakfast for Dinner(Pancakes, Bacon)
6. Friday--Fried Chicken, Au Gratin Taters, Sugar Snap Peas
7. Saturday--Chinese Take-Out

Last week saw 5 nights of home cooked dinners,  0 nights of leftovers/ffy, and 2 nights of Eating Out/Take-Out.

What got put into the freezer last week.....
*  1 London Broil
*  Most of the Ground Beef
* 1.5 lb. Pork Tenderloin
*  2 large bags Mini Cheese Raviolis

What got taken out of the freezer and used.....
* 1 pack Italian Sausage
* 1 pack Apple Sausage
* 1 bag Sugar Snap

Two trips to Weis brought the current weekly spending to $72.92 and my November spending on food to $191.97 for this month.  I didn't plan on spending so much this past week but........I found discount sticker meats(chicken quarters and a pork tenderloin), London Broils were BOGOF(plus I had a $1.50/1 WeisQ), Ground Beef was $1.99 lb.(never that low here)and there were two Pork Butts with $3 off stickers on them.  $44.11 of that $72.92 spent was just meat. (Total should have been $70.32 but 2 items didn't ring up 50% off on clearance and I had to get a cash refund for that which went into my refund envie).
28.5 lbs. of meat for $44.11 ain't bad though.

My savings percentage last week was 41.63%(without Rite-Aid trips)and November's monthly savings total comes in at 38.98%(w/out R-A).

I have 19 more food shopping/spending days in November.

Leftovers going into this week......Fried Chicken, Sugar Snap Peas, Au Gratin Taters, Apple Sausage, Cabbage, Pasta Sauce w/Sausage/Beef but no Pasta for it.
None of the leftovers are enough for a full meal item so Hubs will most likely eat all this for lunches.

Here is this week's "food plan".....
1. Sunday--Fend For Yourself
2. Monday--BBQ on rolls, Cole Slaw
3. Tuesday--Beef Pie
4. Wednesday--Salmon, Asparagus, Rice
5. Thursday--Teriyaki Beef Stir-Fry
6. Friday--Beef Stroganoff, Rice, Salad
7. Saturday--Leftovers

As always this menu is subject to change or rearranging depending on what leftovers get eaten or not and what I am feeling like cooking(or not). lolz

What needs buying for this menu?  Salmon, Asparagus, Rolls, Snow Peas, Mushrooms.  Will hit the grocery store/produce market later today for these things.

What is getting fixed and served at your house this week?

Was last week's plan successful, did you go off plan or did you not even plan what was going to be eaten last week?

Any great deals on food at your stores this week? 



  1. Hi Sluggy, this is Chris. I wanted to let you know about how my hubby can stretch the smoker season a little. Shortly after he got his smoker, he bought a 4 x 6 foot fiberglass welding blanket. He folds it in half and puts it over the smoker to help keep the heat in. He got it at Harbor Freight with a coupon in the welding section. I believe it cost him about $45 with a sale price and a coupon. He smoked a pork butt yesterday and used the blanket.

  2. We have a longer smoking season than you do so I was seriously thinking of smoking a turkey or two when the sales start. Not necessarily a Thanksgiving turkey, but some to have sliced in the freezer for dead winter meals


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