Friday, November 8, 2019

Frugal Friday....the November 8th Edition

Here's what passed for frugal this past week in my world........

* Hubs and I used a coupon when we went out to lunch last Friday.

$5 off our lunch?
Yes please!

* I got a freebie in the mail last week..........

Saturday's mail brought a free notepad and return address labels to entice me to donate to St. Jude's Hospital.  Good timing as we were running low on address labels.

* I used a 15% everything in the store Q Ollie's sent me a week ago and forgot to show the food/HBA/toiletries stuff I bought last week..........

1 lb. of cashews, 2 boxes of instant au gratin taters, 2 cans of tomatoes and a box of pasta noodles.
Prices were already low/discount but take another 15% off and now it's "Sluggy Cheap" at $8.88 for everything in the picture. ;-)

* I found money!

Hubs and I went out to lunch and I found a nickel in Bob Evans.

Then I found 2 quarters in the coin return of the newspaper box outside of Bob Evans.

After lunch we stopped in Dollar Tree for a few things and I found these two pennies on the floor, one by the register and one beyond the register as I was leaving.

.57¢ in one day.....sweet!

Then I found a penny at Rite-Aid on Wellness Wednesday.............

.58¢ total for the week and for the win!

* I got the Weis freebie last Friday.........

A roll of paper towels.  With Dixie puppy around we can always use this item. lolz

*  I picked up two clearance items at Weis on Friday as well......
.79¢ a box.  Add some of that clearance canned chicken I picked up a couple of months ago and you've got a quick and cheap few meals. 8-)

* Speaking of Wellness Wednesday I got these for free........

The Robitussin was $5.99 on sale this past week.  There was a WWQ for $2 off which I paired with a $1/1 IPQ on the manufacturer's website(Unfortunately we no longer received RMN Q inserts in our Sunday paper here because there was an insert $3/1 Q. 8-((( ).
So $2.99 out the door paid for with BC.
Then I received a $3 SavingStar rebate so a .01¢ moneymaker when all was said and done.
The L'Oreal samples were also given out on WW at my store.

*  I worked the polls on Tuesday.  It kept me out of the stores and spending $$ AND I earned a whole $125.  Even better that "pay" is TAX-FREE! 8-)

*  I received coupons in the mail from both Rite-Aid and Weis(PMITA)Markets this week.  The Rite-Aid mailer also had a $4 when you spend $20 Q in it.
The Weis mailer had personalized Q and this too............

A reminder to clip the digital Q for a large Stouffer's party size lasagna(making it .99¢ OOP)that was in our account.  I would have found the Q eventually anyway but still.  It's been duly clipped now and ready to use before when it expires on Nov 28th.

That's about it from here.  I haven't been back to the grocery store since last Friday so I am off to
get a few things today.

What frugal wins did y'all have this past week?
Tell us all about them!



  1. I brought home 7 glasses from the wedding in Cancun. We needed glasses as we have only one dollar store glass left. So I did not have to buy them. Also found .37 cents in the Cancun airport.

  2. Your $5 bob Evans reminded m I got an e-mail for my free birthday burger at Red Robin, good my whole birthday month of November. I might coax the hubs out for some Christmas shopping and dinner out this month. I wish I could find a good cashew deal-my vegan eating daughter uses them for making a alternative cheese sauce for recipes, but can get quite expensive. I'll keep an eye out as holiday sales for baking and cooking start up. Do you or any of your readers know if you can freeze nuts?

    1. I buy nuts from the bulk bins when on sale and freeze immediately. So much cheaper. Fellow vegan that buys a lot of nuts - hope she’s tried cashew cheese!

      Jen G.

  3. Yes, I freeze pecans and raw peanuts (I know peanuts aren't actually a nut)but they freeze well too. Penny S.

  4. Kohls sent me a $19 coupon for my anniversary with them. Additionally, there were a few other usual coupons I plan on stacking. No worries about me carrying a balance, I ALWAYS pay my bill before I even leave the store.

  5. Lucky’s cancelled their rewards program so they’ve been sending out daily deals instead. It’s on my way home so I’ve stocked up on all the $.99 deals - Imagine soup and broth, Amy’s soup, fancy pasta sauce. The pantry shelves are sagging but probably have enough sauce for a year.

    Jen G.

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