Friday, August 23, 2019

Spent Down the Last Card at Rite-Aid

The Bulldog Ibotta rebate was back on my gallery Friday morning so I bought this on the son's card.........

1 x Bulldog face scrub 20% Wellness disc.=$6.07
2 x Nature's Truth turmeric BOGOFree=$15.49

I used a $3/1 Bulldog item L2CQ so the total was $18.56 +.18¢ tax=$18.74 paid for this Bonus Cash.
I now have .52¢ in BC left on that card.

I submitted and have already received $7 in cash rebates on Ibotta($3 Bulldog, 2 x $2 Nature's Truth)for this transaction
I now only have $15.05 in BC left between 4 Wellness cards.

But I also have a $15 P&G prepaid card to use by the end of September that I received for free at Rite-Aid spending BC.

The Bulldog will make an appearance in a family member's stocking this Xmas and the Turmeric is something I take daily.  These 2 bottles will keep me in Turmeric for 2 months.


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