Sunday, August 11, 2019

Some More Shopping/Deals Lately

I have just been so overwhelmed with life and busyness lately I'm trying to clear out all my photos and stuff.

Beginning of August I found these two items at Walmart on their clearance shelf--
A nice mix of rice for $3(this brand is expensive stuff)and a 5 lb. bag of macaroni for $1.25 which is a GREAT price!  I put the pasta into a big barrel container I have so it keeps.

I found these items on clearance at Weis on Friday--
A bottle of good white balsamic vinegar for $1.74 and 3 containers of grated Parm//Romano for $1.69 each.  Use by dates are not anywhere near time on anything.

I am also stocking up on Arizona brand Rx Stress Relief bottled iced tea at Weis this week as it's $1.97 a gallon(the lowest price here for that-it's normally $3.19 per gallon).  Unless I am drinking water or I brew my own iced tea this Stress Relief variety is my other "go to" drink.

I spent down more Bonus Cash on Friday at Rite-Aid as well---

2 x Big Win Kitchen Trash Bags on sale=$11.98
1 x Arm and Hammer toothbrush refill heads on sale=$5.99
SubTotal was $17.97 and I used a $1/1 L2CQ on the refill heads so $16.97+.72¢ tax=$17.69 paid for with BC.
I earned back $4 in new BC($2 wyb2 BW trash bags, $2 Arm and Hammer).

I was down in the valley so I hit a different R-A and did the transaction again on another card........

This store carries a $1 food section so I got these pretzel rods as well(.80¢ w/my Wellness discount).

Total after $1 L2CQ and .72¢ tax was $19.29 paid for with BC.
Again, earned back $4 in new BC.

I still need to spend more BC down this coming week but the deals are looking pretty slim at R-A.

I also hit the Bread Outlet for 3 loaves of "good" bread paying $4 OOP.  That's almost the price of just one loaf of this brand in the grocery store.  ;-)

Ok, that's all caught up now.
Onward to next week!



  1. I put pasta, beans, and rice in plastic bags or Ball jars and put them in the freezer for three days. Then, I can store them. My friend had a big barrel she just tossed it all into straight from the store. I went there to babysit for her grandchildren for ten days while she was in the hospital. I saw moths all over her house. When I went into the kitchen and took the lid off the container, 10,000 moths emerged! For weeks after that, they emerged from my clothes I brought home and even from my purse one day in an elevator. They get into carpets and everywhere. There were in the bedrooms of her house. --a cautionary tale--freeze these things. We bring eggs home to our houses in the products.

  2. I used some of my points to buy B some ibuprofen. Got to use them up or lose them. Dang it.

  3. You got some great deals especially on the parmesan cheese. My sister loves the deals at Weis.

  4. I love seeing your deals. I need to start paying more attention to the markdown section at our grocery store.

  5. I freeze pasta, flours, rices, and meals before storing them because I live in a state where critters are fierce and abundant. Plus I abhor pantry moths!


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