Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Rite-Aid This Week So Far

So I hit up Rite-Aid on Monday as I had an Rx to pick-up and I attempted to do the Crest Deal on 2 cards.

First on my son's card..........sorry about the fuzzy photo, I had to use my phone......

1 x Crest toothbrush on sale=$3.00
1 x Oral-B toothbrush on sale=$3.00

I had a $1/1 Crest L2CQ for each item come off so $4.00 Total OOP paid for with Bonus Cash.
Except......uh oh, here we go again!......

Even though the signs for the $3 sale Crest toothpaste were up the toothpaste didn't ring up on sale.
And the toothbrushes--there were NO signs up indicating which ones were on sale for $3.  I had to take one of each variety up and price check them to find the $3 brushes. ugh.

So toothpaste doesn't ring correctly, the manager on duty goes back to look(signs up on the variety I got)and price modifies it to $3.

As I said before I paid $4 and should have gotten $4 back in BC($2 paste, $2 brush)but I only got $2 BC back so I am betting the toothpastes marked but ringing up the incorrect price are the issue.

I tried again on daughter's card(the second lot in the first photo).
A different tagged toothpaste and again, doesn't ring up $3 so the cashier price modifies it to $3.
$4 OOP paid after(2 x $1/1 L2CQs)with BC and only $2 in BC prints. ugh, ugh.

So I go back on Tuesday and buy the same stuff on my card..........

1 x Crest toothpaste(sensitive enamel shield)tagged on sale=$3.00
1 x Oral-B toothbrush on sale=$3.00

BTW-Still no toothbrushes are tagged!(Try the cheaper varieties, the $4.79 or $5.49 ones if yours aren''t marked either.)

This time the $2/1 Crest toothpaste L2CQ kicks in instead of the $1/1 Crest toothpaste L2CQ so I am charged $6-$3 in Qs(1 x $2/1 Crest, 1 x $1/1 Oral-B)=$3 paid for with BC.
This time both the toothpaste and toothbrush generate the correct $2 in BC, so I get $4 BC back, which makes this transaction a $1 moneymaker.

I am so tired of having to wait a full day from the time I buy something at RA and then call corporate when shit doesn't go right to get my BC credited.  The store won't do anything about mistakes so I am forced to keep calling and it's getting annoying as shit!

So instead this time, I will just return the two toothpastes from Monday and rebuy this Pro-Health variety instead so my BC will generate.

I also bought 2 toothbrushes on Hubs' card on Tuesday........

2 x $3=$6.00
I don't have a L2CQ account associated with this card so I used 2 x $1/1 Oral-B ManuQs from the P&G inserts instead.

$6-$2=$4 paid for in BC and earned back $4 in new BC.
That transaction worked fine and gave me free toothbrushes.

I also bought this on my son's card.......

1 x Arnicare roll-on 2 pack 20% Wellness disc.=$10.39
1 x Arnicare leg cramps 20% Wellness disc.=$9.59

There were $3/1 Peelies on the boxes so $19.98-$6=$13.98 paid for with Bonus Cash.
I earned back $10 in new BC(2 x $5 Arnicare)so I am "down" $3.98 in BC.
BUT.....there are $3 Ibotta Rebates on these 2 items and I submitted and already received $6 back in my Ibotta account(as well as another .10¢ for buying any item)so in the end this transaction was a $2.12 moneymaker(just converted some BC to cash in Ibotta).

With the BC expiring now in 30 days I need to convert some BC to cash/other script and keep the BC low or clear it out on some cards.

Back to R-A today to return and rebuy toothpaste.

Livin' the dream folks, livin' the dream.  *snort*



  1. I just gave up on the right aid here, I don't have time to call and complain and I am over the crap!

  2. You absolutely earn every free thing you get. I would be calling about these problems, too. My son had trouble getting the photo machine to work in a drugstore. We worked on it over an hour with help from the clerk. Finally, I was over it. My son asked the guy what he was going to give him for all the trouble we had. My son got a case of water. You deserve something else each time you have so much trouble.

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