Thursday, August 8, 2019

More Rite-Aid

So I returned those 2 tubes of toothpaste that didn't ring up correctly or generate the $2 BC they were suppose to on Wednesday.........

2 x Crest toothpaste on sale $3=$6.00
2 x $2/1 Crest sensitive toothpaste L2CQ=$4.00
So I paid $1 for each tube(on 2 different cards)using Bonus Cash and got $2 BC back for each.

Yesterday was Wellness Wednesday and the Asst. Manager gave me the 1 travel mug they had sent as freebies for the WW table and one of the handful of R-A pens they sent as well.

I felt bad for the Asst. Manager--no managers on duty and the new WW ambassador person didn't show up(ours moved to Texas the end of July)so she had to figure out what to do/where stuff was.  Luckily I was in the store on Tuesday when the manager was hunting down the keys to the cabinet and the coupons to put out so when I went in Wednesday I helped Asst. Manager a bit to find it all.
She was so over it all and frazzled.
She said I am now the official non-paid employee for the store. lolz

I still need to spend down some BC in the next couple of weeks before it expires so I'll be going back again.  If the Arnicare Ibotta rebates reset for me before Sunday I'll do those 2 again on another card.

And Ibotta has fucked up another rebate I am due from July 31st on Kleenex so I am off to upload a receipt there and complain. sigh.

What exciting stuff is going on in your world this week?



  1. For a long time I was the official unpaid employee at a fabric store. They would be short on employees and long on customers. I helped people so I could be waited on faster since I might be tenth in line.

  2. Rite Aid needs to have your picture up as the employee of the month!

  3. I hate loyalty cards for Ibotta! Only one CVS and RA store around here ever credits. Same with Savingstar. I refuse to link my grocery store account, because of this and also that some loyalty card rebates can take days to credit. So if you want to do the deal multiple times per week, you have to wait until it credits and resets.

  4. How neat that you were able to help the Asst manager. That was nice of her to give you the cup and pen. Looks like a very nice cup.


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