Friday, August 9, 2019

Frugal Friday......August 9th Edition

Here are the few frugal wins we had this past week here............

*  I seemed to find money everywhere I went this past week.
Of course I didn't go many places so yeah. lol

This penny at Rite-Aid shoved into the corner at the register counter.

This dime at Rite-Aid in the foyer leaving the store and the penny in the foyer at Burger King.

This penny and nickel in a crate in my bedroom underneath my slug/snail collection I was unpacking to put into my sewing room.  Evidently Hubs dropped these coins when putting change into his change cup on his dresser and he missed with these two coins.  Too bad, so sad......mine now! ;-)

*  I made a trip to Weis(PMITA)Markets and used a $5 when you spend $25 Qs they mailed me.

Last week Weis sent me these Qs to advertise their remodeling(they shoved a wine and beer section into the Weis store here).  These are good on anything in the store, not just the booze section.  I used one this week and the other one is good after 8/14 so I'll be sure to use that one too!

*  I've already posted all the goodies I picked up at Rite-Aid this week, while trying to spend down my Bonus Cash.

I didn't pick up the Weis Freebie last Friday(it was plastic cutlery and we didn't need that)but I did get a free pen and travel mug at R-A.


* I was at Burger King this week to use one of my Stranger Things Giveaway winning drink code scans, a free order of French Fries.

I went inside instead of using the drive-thru and found a penny too so two wins in one!

* I received $2.00 from SavingStar from Mayo I bought last week.........

It was regular price, but I had a $1/1 digitalQ so $3.29.  I got back 2 x $1 SS rebates so in the end it cost me $1.29.

*  I finally received $14.94 in my Ibotta account for the motel reservation I made on 2/28/19 through Booking dotcom for our NH stay. I am still waiting on $6.99 for a Choice Hotels reservation made on 3/16/19 for a stay on 3/18/19 in NC.  The average wait to receive rebate is 100 days after stay for Choice Hotels.  We are coming up on 5 MONTHS since that stay! sigh.

* In grocery Ibotta rebates I earned/received $6.70 in the past week there.  $6.10 of that was for the R-A trip buying the Arnicare items.  I also received .60¢ for buying "any items" at Weis so $6.70 total received for grocery stuff.

I am having a devil of a time with Ibotta when it comes to Weis(PMITA)Markets.  I had to complain to their CS to get my Edward' Pie $1 rebate and now I am trying to get the $2 for Kleenex they owe me. ugh.  It's been 10 days and still no rebate for that purchase has shown up in my account.

I found these boxes of Kleenex on clearance for .64¢ each and I had a $1/4 ManQ so paid $1.56 OOP.
You can do that rebate up to 5 times so I earned $2 from Ibotta which will make these a .44¢ once the rebate arrives.
I much prefer to send register receipts for Ibotta offers over linking a loyalty card(with Weis you can ONLY use a loyalty).  I get rebates faster with the scanning of receipts at Ibotta.

* The big win has to be the garden...............

Last weekend I picked the last of the broccoli, 2 large heads of cauliflower and our lone cucumber.
Chester is enjoying the broccoli, the cauliflower was blanched and is taking up real estate in the chest freezer and the cuke is waiting to make it's appearance in a salad.  This all weighed in at 5.78 lbs.

And the first ripe tomato has appeared and I picked it.
We've got a big hunk of London Broil leftover from our Korean Beef stir-fry dinner so we'll have that along with a really nice fancy salad this weekend and the salad will feature home grown cuke, tom and greens.  yummo!

That's about it from Chez Sluggy.

What frugal wins did y'all have this past week?
Let's hear it!



  1. You've had a great frugal week, Sluggy. With found money, coupons coming in, rebates (WOW, 5 months!!!) and veggies from your garden. What a great week for you. I hope this next week is even better. :)

  2. I have found no money the last few weeks, I need to start really looking. I think I am just tried.

  3. Wait, beer and wine in grocery store in PA? They really are coming into modern times!!!

  4. You had a great week. I have been finding lots of change this week too. My cucumbers are going crazy the last few days. I will be making pickles next week. I still haven't gotten a red tomato. Lots of green ones.

  5. Other stopping for a dozen eggs and two apples, I stayed out of stores this past week. With a $1,500+ propane bill pending, I need to watch my pennies!

  6. Great produce. Now when I pick up change in random places i think of you!


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