Wednesday, August 21, 2019

A Little Quickie Giveaway for Couponers

Anybody up for a small giveaway?

Here is what's on offer.......
 A coupon starter kit!

A calculator, a small pair of blunt end scissors for clipping your coupons and a pencil case for storing calculator, scissors and coupons in for toting to the grocery store.
You can add in your own pen too.  ;-)

These are my necessary tools when food shopping.

Even if you don't use coupons(or just digital attached to a loyalty card e-coupons)a calculator in hand at the grocery store is invaluable!  Sometimes shelf tags are there to refer to to figure out the best deal for your money.  Sometimes you have to/need to keep to a certain total and you can't keep an accurate running tab in your head.  A calculator is your best friend when food shopping.

So if you need to replace couponing tools or you are new to couponing and want to do this the easy way come enter this giveaway.

You can post one entry a day.  Just tell me why you want to win this stuff......What tools you use when food shopping......How long you've been couponing or why you want to start..........stuff like that.

The giveaway closes August 27th, Tuesday, at 11:59 pm EDST.  I'll pick a winner at random

*Please note these rules*
I'll post the name/ID of the winner on this blog on August 28th and that person has 48 hours from the time stamp on that post to contact me privately via email(my email addy is listed on my "About Me" page, as well as on my side bar).

If I am not contacted via email, I'll attempt to contact the winner via the email they supplied with their entry(or gave me to add to the Giveaway Data Base)and if that email is not responded to within another 48 hours I'll pick another winner.

Disclaimer--This giveaway is open to those with mailing addresses within the US only.  As the cost of postage to foreign countries has gotten too high I am sorry to say I can no longer afford to mail boxes outside the US.  These giveaways are not sponsored by any companies.  I pay for it all(the cost of items given away and the postage to mail it all)out of my own pocket.
Please make sure there is a way for me to contact you in your comment.

If you're not a registered Blogger User with your contact information on your User page, please put your email addy in your comment or email me your email addy privately when you leave a comment so I can get a hold of you. If your Blogger associated user profile is a GOOGLE one make sure your email info is linked to your profile.

If I can't contact you then you can't win.  I am still having to disqualify entries due to this issue and I sure don't like doing that.  Thanks!



  1. I love to win perhaps to motivate me back into using coupons. I used to be an avid couponer - now, not so much. I know it can save a lot $$$ - and now that I am retired, I certainly have more time . . . but for some reason, for the most part it has gotten away from me.

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  3. This would be great. I'm always losing my coupons or forgetting them. Thanks for the fun giveaway.

  4. I think this might help me to get into couponing. It is very intimidating to me, but when I see how much you and other people save, it is certainly worth the effort!!!

    Now, one question, if I win, does it come with a tutorial from you, lol :)

    Sue L.

  5. I like winning anything and real mail! Just posting because I couldn’t resist. But I’d like to pass on any winnings from either contest to Practical Parsimony.

    I follow the Sluggy method of combining sales, coupons of both kinds and Ibotta.

    Jen G.

  6. I love couponing and I would love those scissors because I have my 5yo practice his cutting skills by clipping coupons for me!

  7. I have been using coupons since 1982. I don't even own a pair of scissors after all was destroyed by city.

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  10. Good luck to those entering to win. I know I wouldn't use it well. Maybe in my new found time, I'll figure out CVS-coupon pairing.

  11. I use a combo of paper coupons, digital coupons, credit card cash back, and Ibotta. It really helps with our monthly grocery budget!

  12. I used paper, igital and Ibotta. Right now I am using a folder to organize but find it to be too big. Plus I keep leaving it at CVS.



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