Sunday, December 9, 2018

You Goat Me Good! A Mini-Rant

Some things just get my goat and it's time to get them off my chest.

Offers for credit cards like this one.........

The "Luxury Card".
Here at Chez Sluggy we do put all our bills whenever possible on one of our credit cards(for the points and then we pay it off every month).
This offer is a Black Mastercard for folks with excellent credit scores and high incomes who also travel by air a lot(something I don't do).

While we do have excellent credit, we no longer have what I'd call a high income being retired and living on an annuity and 401K monies.

These credit card folks don't know me very well, offering me the "honor" of having their credit card. And  I would get to pay for that "honor" to the tune of $495 a year....just to have this card??!!
Quelle Ridicule!!

*  We have two newspapers in this area.  I just discovered that they don't each carry the same coupons in the Sunday inserts....WAAAH!!!???

I bought my usual newspaper when the P&G inserts came out in the November 25th edition and the competitions newspaper.
Here are the identical inserts from each paper..........

But look inside.......

One insert has 2 Tide coupons and the other has just the artwork, no Tide coupons and the link to the website where you can print 1 coupon(which is valid for only 1 day after printing it).

Why does one newspaper insert carry the Tide Qs and the other one not? I wonder what other coupons are missing in the inserts of the newspaper I usually buy?!?

*  Why do grocery stores carry stupid crap at Christmas?  I guess it's the never ending need to find ways to take money out of your wallet, right?
Look at this winner I found for sale at Weis(PMITA)Markets...........

A pukey green colored(more teal than it looks)with sequined palm trees and a flamigo wearing a santa hat on it.
And even better, the string of Xmas lights on the flamingo actually LIGHT UP! lololz
So tacky......
I guess if you wanted to win the prize at an Ugly Sweater Party you could shell out $20 and wear this.

Ok, that's sufficient garbage to chew on...........

I am off to wrap some gifts and write some Christmas cards.

What's on your agenda today?



  1. I was thinking that was perfect for the ugly sweater contest too! LOL

  2. I am making brisket for the first time ever.

  3. We haven't received tide coupons in over two to three years. I complained to tide who gave me 3 dollar off coupons. I only use tide and hate this practice.

  4. I LOVE the sweater. But o also have flamingoes in my yard, lol.

  5. I love the quelle ridicule comment-tou est tres elegant! Ok, this week I will do the CVS deals. I need assorted candy to wrap with gift cards and there are Sunday paper coupons with CVS cash.

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    but great topic. I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding more.
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  7. I have noticed the coupon inserts are different. My folks live out of state and theirs are different too.

  8. We got that same Black card offer years ago. We just laughed, because we're not foolish enough to pay a $500 fee just for a status symbol. No thanks!

    I've found different coupons in our 2 different papers too. It irks me that you have to try and figure out which is the best paper to purchase for coupons.


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