Saturday, December 1, 2018

Puppy Cuteness for Saturday

One of our errands this past week took us to the local pet/puppy store looking for some bling for Chester.

They had this cutie out in the play area......

Alexa the Akita.
How come I always think a great name for an Akita is Evita, like in the song lyrics from "Rent"? lol

Alexa is 4 months old and quite large already.....look at those massive paws!

I sent my daughter a text with Alexa's picture and she wanted me to bring her home.....of course my daughter loves all largish dogs and wants them all too live with her.  ;-)

The pet store had gotten in some new chihuahuas too; 2 long hair males, 1 long hair female and 1 short hair female(the runt)-all the same litter.

They didn't have photos of the girl huas on their website so I asked in the store if they had the photos there.  The lady said she had them in the back.

I thought she meant she had the photos, so imagine my surprise when she carried this little cutie-patootey out......

This is Chaca.  A terrible name for an adorable 2 month old puppy.  I held her and got lots of little puppy kisses and nibbles.
And no, I didn't bring her home.  I'm not crazy enough to spend what they were asking for her...Yikes!  Not as bad as the $3500 for a French Bull Dog they had but still........

I don't think Chester would cotton to the competition of another Chihuahua.



  1. We adopted a chihua and maltese mix. She is a little fluff ball.

  2. Very cute indeed. I just posted a picture of my nine week old border collie, dogs are the best people.

  3. Adorable, all three! My husband and daughter want a dog but mean old me keeps saying no. We have two bunnies right now and the older one would hate a dog. The younger one is huge and friendly, he might like a dog companion but I'm not taking any chances. Plus with the kids in school and hubby works nights so guess who would have to take care of it? I'm hardly home as it is.

  4. Oh my gosh, puppy cuteness is right. How cute!

  5. I am a HUGE dog lover.. These guys are adorable but I also feel so bad for them because 'most' pet store puppies come from puppy mills :(

    1. Not these. It's a small family business pet store that only gets it's puppies from licensed, inspected breeders, not puppy mills.

  6. They are so cute. I only get my dogs from shelters. There are so many that need good homes without breeding them on purpose.

    1. We do the same thing. The two we have right now are in their 16th year!

    2. Hubs and I have adopted 7 dogs(before Chester)in our married life, ALL were shelter dogs so we feel we have done our part to rescue unwanted dogs. This time we wanted a long haired chihuahua which NEVER seem to get dumped at shelters, like short haired chihuahuas do. The only dogs in this area that we find in shelters are beagles(lots of hunters around here that just let them loose if they are gun shy, plus beagles are well-known to run off if not leased or fenced in so they often wind up in the shelters...that's how we got our 2 beagles btw), pitt bull and/or boxer mixes(very popular in the urban areas around here)or other big mixed breed dogs.
      I am all about responsible breeding and will only "buy" a dog from an above boards breeder or pet store. There is a place in our world for pet breeding....folks who breed need to make a living's an honorable profession for people who do it to improve a particular breed and for the love of dogs.

  7. Those puppies are cute, but they can't match Chester. He's adorable!

  8. Puppies must be the most adorable animals ever. I love them once full grown too, when they get their human personalities, even my Grumpy Old Man dog, who's young.


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