Sunday, December 30, 2018

Last Rite-Aid Shop of 2018

I had almost "spent" enough at Rite-Aid on allergy products to get a second $20 Bonus Cash for the year on Daughter's card so I went up to buy a couple items........

1 x Nasacort spray on sale=$19.19(20% Wellness disc. better than sale price)
1 x R-A Flonase spray on sale=$15.99

I used a $3/1 Nasacort L2CQ so $32.18 was my total, paid for with Bonus Cash.
I earned back $21 in new BC($1Nasacort, $20 wyspend $75 on select allergy items).

If you are almost to the Allergy Reward be sure and pick up some meds before the year ends(Monday night)to get your $20 Bonus Cash reward.


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