Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Another Rant, Blogger MIA & A Reminder

To continue my little rant-let of the other day......

* I order some candles on cheap candle day from Bath & Body Works Or as Dr. Spo I believe called it "Blood & Body Works". lolz

Anyway, my candles finally arrived and what a mess.  If I had dug one particular candle out without looking first, my hand would now be a "Bloody Body Work"!

I've never had a problem before but this lot of candles must have been packed by a not-so well trained monkey.  
There was a layer of bubble wrap on the bottom of the box and some big air pillows amongst the candles.
However they used a too large box for the amount of candles in it so there was obviously a LOT of shifting during transport.

ONE candle was wrapped in bubble wrap..ok take a look at the massive hunk of bubble wrap they used.......

It's about a foot long and 4 inches wide.

Hardly seems adequate, right?

But all the others were NOT wrapped in anything, being simply nestled into these flimsy psuedo-cardboardy holes.........

Some seemed to be more hole than packaging!

And this is the result of badly packaged glass container candles............

A massive fail on this one.  The only reason it is somehow intact is the plastic label encircling the jar.
I am actually surprised that more of these didn't have a bottom blowout.

Two more jars are also chipped/broken but not like the glass shards hanging off this one!

So I go online and find the telephone # to contact them about the damage per their info.
I called the number on 3 different days and get the same message....."High call volume...blah blah blah.....can't answer your call.....blah blah blah.......call back another time...blah blah blah.

So what if these damaged goods are gifts?.....I can't exactly give someone a broken ass candle, can it?

What if they are Xmas seasonal scents and you aren't actually contactable unto after Christmas and there are no more of these items available?

Big time FAIL Bath & Body Works!!!

I guess it's more cost effective for BBW, to ship product sloppily, not let customers contact them until well after the fact and possible THEN take care of the issue and have disgruntled customers who will not buy things from them in the future, than to hire competent workers to adequately package shipped items the first time and avoid the cost of lost/damaged goods and hassle for everyone concerned.

Anybody else have a company shipping fail lately?

*  The other item is concerning blogger Linda of "Practical Parsimony".  She hasn't blogged since late November and folks are getting concerned.  I had an old phone # for her from one of our trips down South a few years ago so I called it.  Someone answered and hung up on me before I could say anything.  I called back and the phone went to voice mail so I left a message.  I have also emailed both the addys I have for her and have gotten no reply.  If anybody knows what's up please let us know.

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See y'all later!



  1. That is terrible of Bath and Body works. Bloody is right. I hope you can get it resolved before Christmas and not after.

  2. Lovely I hate it when I get the phone idiot. Try calling Macy's just for fun.

  3. One of the Christmas gifts I sent to Red (Son3) was from Cost Plus World Products. It was a lovely set of 6 heavy beer mugs. Two of the were totally shattered on arrival. I told him to contact them since his address was the destination. Not sure what the outcome will be but it pisses me off.

  4. Oh dear! I hope Linda is ok.
    We got a flat screen tv shipped to us a couple years ago and there was a tiny hole on the box. Someone must have poked it with something sharp and quick because there was a poke hole on the screen too and a massive crack. Come ON people!!

  5. Sluggy thanks for your great posts and generosity in all your giveaways. I would like to enter, Jill C at jcorlette@gmail.com

  6. I ordered a shirt and a necklace from PacSun. It came in the smallest box possible. I thought right off the bat that there was no way it was right. It was just the necklace and a huge ball of brown paper. No shirt. Called customer service, waited forever, had to hang up. Called back later, finally got a person. They are out of the shirts. I will get a refund, but I was going to lose $12 in rewards points. Not fair! I understand if I returned something, yes I would lose my points but this was their mistake not mine. They ended up giving me $20 in rewards as a courtesy but now we still have to go to the mall cause I'm not ordering from them again.

  7. Try emailing them. That normally works for me. BBW is well known for poor packaging. My candles always arrive broken. Thankfully today's lot arrived intact.

    Some Kohls genius decided to ship my mugs (gifts) in a poly envelope. Thankfully nothing got damaged. Last year they stuck the label on the bottom of the box of my Corelle set (no fragile or glass label on the box) and everything was broken. I had loads of splinters falling out of the box as I opened it.

    I hope Linda is okay.

  8. I read on Instagram where a lady had the same problem with Bath and Body works. Try to contact them via social media.

  9. I believe you might be able to take the candles back to a local B&BW store for an exchange. I know if you burn the candle for a day or 2 and don't like it, they take them back. And I think I have seen others say when they receive a broken candle they take it back to their store. Worth a try??

  10. I recommend you post this on the B&BW facebook page. That kind of bad publicity can result in a good quick response from a retailer. Best of luck.

  11. This year I placed an order online with Kohls. It was a gift for project Angel Tree. The box the toy came in was a bit questionable (looked like it had been returned more than once!) but since I was in a time crunch, I made it work. Thankfully everything else was intact. Hope Linda is okay.

  12. You are SO kind to call Linda to check on her. The hang up and then no answer IS weird and concerning.
    I hope she is o.k. thanks for letting us know what you find out.

  13. Linda is usually the first one to leave a comment on every one of my blog posts and I noticed that she didn't on the last two. I wondered if something was up and then I saw this. Hope she is okay. Have you heard anything?

  14. An anonymous person left this in comments on my blog:

    Just wanted to let everyone know that's concerned about Linda, I spoke to her on the phone last night...she's okay, but her computer has a virus and she doesn't have the money to have it fixed. I can't post on her blog, so please share this info. Thanks


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