Saturday, October 13, 2018

Grocery Shopping this Past Week

Not much food shopping happened this week.  I was good and kept the spending low, only succumbing to 1 stock-up deal.

* There was a trip to Weis(PMITA)Markets on Sunday for 2 bags of collards and a day old French bread.  Total $5.15.

* There was a trip to the Shursave Market for a few items, mostly for stocking up on soups for Daughter's lunches.

10 x Progresso soups on sale .99¢=$9.90
2 x Corn Muffin mixes on sale .49¢=.98¢
1 x Daisy cottage cheese on sale=$2.00
3 x bananas=.38¢ *not pictured*
Total $13.16

* There was also a small trip to Ollie's on Sunday so Kim could behold the wonders of Ollie's. lolz

2 x Olive Oil=$7.98
3 x Pumpkin=$2.67
1 x Knoor rice side=.89¢

$29.85 spent this past week at the grocery stores.  It's almost the middle of October so I am doing well on keeping my grocery spending low this month.

Who knows what will happen next week..... ;-)



  1. Was Kim properly impressed with Ollies? Ours is kind of like wading through a cess pool, but I go and wade through it picking through a ton of crap for the few gems I find. It is more like adventure shopping.

    1. Yes, Kim wants an Ollie's too!
      And it is like a treasure hunt....thankfully mine are not cess pools, yet.

  2. I don't think we have anything like an Ollies here. I haven't seen any great buys worth stocking up so have just been shopping Aldis.


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