Tuesday, October 2, 2018

3rd Quarter Review...Small Finances

So we are three quarters of the way through 2018.
How did that happen so fast?? lolz

I went through the various small pots of monies and here is where it all stands as of September 30th.
I save up all my rebates/spare change/refunds to apply toward the food bill in December.
(I don't put monies from things I sell during the year into this kitty.)

*  The spare change was rolled and counted September 27th......

$39.00 to put toward the food budget come December.  Now that Hubs isn't working and doesn't have as much WAM we don't get as much change accumulating at Chez Sluggy.  I rolled $15.50 from Hubs' change cup but he wanted the bills($15)and let me have the .50¢ roll of pennies so I only had .50¢ to add to my spare change stash this quarter. 8-(  I guess since 95% of the spare change in the cup is from his WAM it IS his to keep.

*  Here are the current cash rebate app totals for 2018 thru the end of September.......
   Ibotta  $170.33
   Checkout 51  $6.75
   Savingstar  $57.15
A total of $234.23 in cash rebates to put toward food spending in December.

*   My Weis Refund envelope has $25.75 in it.

*   My Rite-Aid Post Q/Refund envelope has $146.48 in it.

Altogether I have $445.46 at the 3/4 point in the year to apply toward food spending in December.  Since my normal monthly food budget is $400 per month I can cover all the December food shopping!!  Even is I go over a bit I'm good.  8-)))

*   Not part of the grocery monies but my leftover WAM from the first 9 months of the year came to $586.00.
That was until Kim showed up and we hit the road.  I fear my WAM accumulation will change significantly once this trip is over.......

Do you keep track of small streams of cash you receive?
Do you ear mark any of it for something special?



  1. Wow you are doing great. I haven't kept tract the way you do. Maybe I will try it in 2019.

  2. I also track it. I have a tracker for side hustle money, as well as generally unexpected funds. The unexpected fall into a variety of categories, but include things like a rebate for utilities for a house we sold a year ago, etc. I tend to split them between the kids college accounts & paying down our vacation mortgage. This year we have $8300 of "unplanned" money! It's crazy. So happy that we tracked it separately, and will do the same in future years.

  3. This is motivating. I need to figure out how to use my Ibotta App to its fullest potential. We do have a bunch of spare change, the hubs tends to accumulate it daily as he carries spending cash for daily coffee purchases as work.

  4. I was tracking change that I was calling my croissant and baguette fund. It's now just sitting there. I suppose I will count up and roll anything worth doing and put towards Christmas. I use little perks like Kohl's cash towards gifts.

  5. I have a bit set aside for Christmas gifts. However, I am buying things on sale, so I may not need the money for anything but Flat Rate boxes.


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