Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Half Year Small Finances Review

So we are halfway through 2018.
How did that happen so fast?? lolz

I went through the various small pots of monies and here is where it all stands as of June 30th.
I save up all my rebates/spare change/refunds to apply toward the food bill in December.
(I don't put monies from things I sell during the year into this kitty.)

*  The spare change was rolled and counted June 30th......

$38.50 to put toward the food budget come December.  Now that Hubs isn't working and doesn't have as much WAM we don't get as much change accumulating at Chez Sluggy.

*  Here are the current cash rebate app totals for 2018 thru the end of June.......
   Ibotta  $55.40
   Checkout 51  $6.25
   Savingstar  $26.25
A total of $87.90 in cash rebates to put toward food spending in December.

*   My Weis Refund envelope has $19.81 in it.

*   My Rite-Aid Post Q/Refund envelope has $98.47 in it.

Altogether I have $244.68 at the halfway point in the year to apply toward food spending in December.  If this pace keeps up I may be able to fully cover food shopping in December with these odds and ends I save up.  8-)))

*   Not part of the grocery monies but here is my leftover WAM from the first 6 months of the year.....

I've still got a little over half of my WAM for the year so far, $366.
Almost enough to buy a plane ticket outta here! lolz



  1. So get your butt on a plane and come see me. Talked to Joe about Maine and we are in for sure.

  2. That's fantastic Sluggy! I love your idea of applying the funds to your food budget.

    1. Well since most of it is due to spending on food and toiletries it only makes sense to dump these funds back into the food budget. ;-)

  3. Free groceries and a plane ticket! Talk about bargains adding up!

  4. Smart to apply to December when food can easily skyrocket with more eating out, takeout, or guests.

  5. I would to see a blog post of you interviewing your husband regarding his retirement. Ex: what does he miss most what is he enjoying the most etc. I think it would be a hoot :). Tebble


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