Thursday, July 12, 2018

Garden Update

Last time I showed the garden it looked like this in early June.....

 Along the back deck

 one oak barrel with lettuce, oregano and 3 volunteer tomato plants

2 basil plants, 2 Japanese eggplant plants and morning glory seeds sprouting

Well a month later, it looks like this.........

 Along the back deck and the barrel with lettuce, tomato and oregano

The other barrel with eggplant, basil and morning glories.  Two more volunteer tomato plants also emerged in this barrel and I left them there.

 We've got 4 baby eggplants now.

 Some baby yellow squash and I found a BIG zucchini yesterday too.

Lots of baby tomatoes as well.

The morning glories seem to have seeded themselves all along the back deck last Fall and I had vines mixed in among all the veggies now.  The heaviest concentration is on the one end of the deck in the garden and in the oak barrel and the vines are just now reaching the bird feeder poles and climbing high.

I'll update what we've harvested along with a recipe in a later post....probably this weekend.



  1. It is so amazing how you plant some seeds and end up with delicious food - just amazes me :) Our garden is doing really well, but now that we are getting into the 102+ days, some of the stuff (blue jay peppers, cucumbers, lemon cucumbers mainly) are getting fried which is very disappointing since I REALLY wanted to try those peppers. Oh well, time to plan my winter garden - do you do a winter garden as well? We have fairly mild winters here in No. Cal, so most things do well - I'm thinking with all the snow you get.....

  2. Looking good and I am sure will taste better!

  3. Looking great! We tried container gardening here for the first time and barely ended up with enough tomatoes and peppers to pay for the plants. Our cukes were a giant fail. We ended up with round yellow things. My herbs all died. :-(

    1. Are you sure they weren't lemon cucumbers? We grew those and that is exactly what they look like - round yellow balls????

    2. Oh dear, if they were, then they were labeled wrong. I've never heard of lemon cucumbers.

  4. Wow, that is exciting. Looks fun. I can't wait to do this!

  5. Looks great. you will have lots of free veggies soon.


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