Friday, July 20, 2018

Frugal Friday.....the July 20th Edition

Let's see what frugal-ness got accomplished this past week......

*  The only eating out that happened was Hubs and I got a whopper each at BK, I used a BOGOFree Q and paid with a gift card.

*  I thought I was being frugal this week when I got my passport photos done at Rite-Aid.  The post office charges $15, CVS charges $14.95(and there is a $3 off coupon)and Rite-Aid charges $14(and there is a $7 off coupon-plus I get 20% off with my Gold Wellness status.).  I paid $5.94 including tax at Rite-Aid.  Didn't work out there as my face was too big(lolz)so I had to have them redone at the PO.  I did get my money back from Rite-Aid however so that's a win.

*  More goodies from the garden......

another 2 zukes, a squash and lots of lettuce=44.8 more ounces of food.

*  I gave Chester a bath and brushed him out.

He still looks a bit "phoofy" in this photo as he wasn't fully dried off yet.  I put this beach towel out on the sunny part of the deck so he could rub himself on it but after awhile he decided no, the towel needed to be out in the yard, so after a few rounds of "take the towel and mommy puts it back on the deck"(a fun game for him no doubt!)we brought the towel inside.  ;-)
Why pay someone else to wash and brush my dog when I can do it myself(in the kitchen sink no less)?  Chester is a very good at holding still and being calm for his baths so that's a double win.

*  Grocery Deals....not very much this week and I didn't get the Friday Freebie last Friday since it was a bag of marshmallows and we didn't need/want it.
I did get two pork shoulders at a different Weis this week(had to be in a different town running an errand)for .98¢ a lb which are going into the smoker later this morning along with the pork butt I got at Wegman's last week.
I did buy a lot of ice cream this week at Weis as part of the Buy6/Get $3 Off Mix and Match Deal......

3 x Friendly's ice cream on sale($2.49)=$7.47
2 x Talenti ice cream on sale($3.49)=$6.98
1 x Huggies wipes=$1.99

Coupons Used
2 x Talenti $1.50/1 IPQ=$3.00
1 x Huggies wipes .50¢/1 IPQ=.50¢(doesn't double)
1 x $3 instantly Off Mix and Match Deal=$3.00

Reg. retail of $23.04

I did this twice last week(except the other time I got 2 Friendly's and an On-Cor entree instead of 3 Friendly's and that total after Qs and $3 off was $10.88 OOP.

*  As far as cash rebates go, I earned .25¢ from Ibotta(for any item)and $1.25(for Talenti)from SavingStar last week so $1.50 total.

*  Meanwile, at Rite-Aid...........
I returned some expensive vitamins that Hubs didn't want.  Had paid with Qs and points so I got $12.98 back in BC and $5.01 cash since they can't return Qs.  Don't get why it was $5.01 and not $5.....

Then I took those $12.98 BC and bought these items that were all on 75% off clearance......

1 x Love and Beauty shampoo=$2.37
2 x Apothocare Essentials shampoo=$6.74
3 x Apothocare Essentials body wash=$9.96

I had $2/1 Qs for all these(the Love and Beauty one was on Coupons dotcom, don't remember where I had gotten the others)so $12 off=$7.07+.52¢tax=$7.59 paid with BC.  Since I got back more BC for the return than I spent I'll call this a moneymaker.
Add in that I earned $5 in new BC($5 wyspend $15 on Apothocare)and it's even better.  8-)

But the cashier left out one of my Qs and only put $10 worth through so I was charged $9.59.  I called the manager when I got home and noticed this and went back another day and got my $2 post coupon cash.  The $5.01 and that $2 are now tucked away in my refunds/post Q Envelope in my desk.

That's about it this week.

What frugal wins did you have this week?
Tell us all about it. 8-)))



  1. I have always thought paying someone to wash a dog was a big waste of money. However, bathing a large, unruly dog that hates baths might make a paid-for bath a bargain.

  2. Hardly anything frugal this week, but had a "find"'ll write about tomorrow. Need to put my expenses report together and get reimbursed my out of pocket costs.

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  4. Love the dog pictures. You know they say if you look like your passport photo you need the vacation.

  5. I think Chester looks cute all fluffy. We always give our dog her baths. It is crazy what people pay to have it done. You did really well on all of your deals.

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  7. Well, my husband just bought a picnic table on clearance for $49. Not sure we need it so it's not exactly frugal, but it was a deal I guess :/

    I've only been to work this week so I haven't spent any money since Sunday and I will take that as a win.

  8. Passport photos?? Where you going? Nothing frugal this week.

  9. I looked at a picture of a lost dog as I stopped at a stop sign. If you were not so far away, I would swear it was Chester.

  10. Okay - went to the dollar store - got 2 tubes of sunscreen for a dollar each, a vial of tea tree oil, tooth paste and a back loofah.

  11. I saw a picture just like Chester on a "lost dog" poster on a telephone pole.


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