Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Around the Backyard

We have been in a rainy weather pattern that just won't go away!
I've been telling Hubs for weeks now that "Gee, we could sure use some rain!  It's been pretty dry here so far since May."
Well this past weekend the rain started and this front just won't leave.
The meteorologist this morning said we are due for another 7 DAYS or longer of this on again/off again rain.
Lots of flash flooding around here, mostly to the West and South of us, and more will happen until this front leaves.  The ground is saturated now and if we get much more I may loose lots of veggies.

The rain let up for about a half an hour so let's take a walk around the backyard today at Chez Sluggy 

I actually took these first three shots on Saturday........

The profusion of morning glories

Many vines are on the bird feeder poles and trying to climb higher.
I don't even bother to plant these anymore......they just grow back every year from the seeds that drop from the previous Fall.

You might be able to make out the pollen grains on this flower.
You'll notice that we have again been invaded by Japanese Beetles this Summer.
They LOVE morning glory foliage evidently, as well as my Japanese Eggplant plants.

Here is a shot looking over the garden from the left corner......

And here is a shot from the right hand corner......

Here's one of my basil plants.  I am trying to stay ahead of the blossoms to pinch them off so I keep getting more leaves.

One of three eggplants almost ready to pick from 2 of my plants.  The other 2 plants got swallowed up by tomato and squash plants and can't get any sun.  I figured only a few squash would survive the Spring and actually grow but I was wrong.  Now everything is so crowded together some shorter plants don't have a chance.

 A few of the yellow squash not quite ready to pick.....

A couple tomatoes looking good.  Notice the leaves of a hidden basil plant to it's left.......

I see you there Mr. Zucchini, trying to blend in and hide from me until you are a massive size. lol

Here's one of my barrels with the lettuce in it.  It's Simpson black seeded lettuce.
Usually by late July the lettuce is done because of the heat but not this year!
I can't seem to kill these three lettuce plants!
Two of them have gotten so large they look like vines!  And they need support to keep them from falling on the ground from the barrel.

My entire green beans crop.
Only ONE of my bean plants survived the chipmunk invasion.
I may get six whole green beans this year, all from this one plant.  I'll let them go to seed and maybe start then indoors next Winter/Spring and see if I can have a better outcome next season.

And in the front we have about 12 tomato plants which are doing fantastically well.  Trying to stay ahead of pinching off some blossoms there too.  The plants get the best sun of the entire yard so these plants are almost five feet tall at this point.
With all this rain these plants are toppling over a bit so we'll need to tie them up some more.

Some Amish paste variety(like a Roma)growing out there too.  I can't wait to try those.

And all this rain(and now the tomato plants falling over)isn't thrilling the Coleus and Petunias.
Once the tomato plants die back they'll get more sun and nutrients.....

And here is what got picked this weekend--
On Saturday.......

And then on Tuesday........

I also picked 2 more ounces of lettuce for the nephew to take home but didn't photograph that or add it into our harvest count yet.

So far I've picked 170.9 ounces of veggies, or 10.68 lbs. from our garden.
Go me.

I just wish the rain would stop for awhile so I can enjoy my yard a bit more.  I really do like being out there near the garden.

What's growing in your yard?



  1. Look at that harvest, did you wear your bib overalls?

  2. We have had three or four weeks of rain. Now, it seems we will have three or four dry days. Your garden looks great.

  3. I hope the rain lets up and you don't lose any vegetables, Sluggy. Your garden is huge and such lovely photos too. We may have something growing in our yard, but I'm not going out there to find out because of the snakes. LOL

  4. I'm not sure what you mean when you say "rain" that the wet stuff I hear about that falls from the sky??? It has been UNBEARABLY hot - and most of my veggies are not loving it. Some days we've had to water 3 times - like today when it is 107 :( My green beans did the best - we planted blue lake and I think, romano and they did fantastic. The zucchini did well, and the cherry tomatoes did well. The beefsteak is loaded, but it is taking them forever to turn red. Got a few cucumbers & lemon cucumbers before the zucchini took over and they couldn't get sun or water. We are about ready to pull everything out and get the garden ready for the August planting - going to do beans, broccoli, brussels sprouts, kale, parsnips, cauliflower, carrots, lettuce, radishes, & spinach this year.....yikes!!!!

  5. SOOOO exciting when the garden gives us its bounty!! yes? My tomato plants are also 5'~what up with that?~and are loaded. Yellow squash-cucumbers-jalepeno-bell peppers have been plentiful. I have been meal planning with the garden running the menu.

  6. Your garden looks great. I love when I can go out into my garden and get groceries. It is the best. We are picking peppers every other day, more lettuce then I know what to do with, peas are still coming in and lots of herbs. My tomato plants are huge also. They always get like that and I usually get a great crop so I let them do their thing. I have dozens of baby cucumbers. Pole bean plants are getting nice and tall. Zucchini plants look good. All I have so far are male flowers. With the cooler and wetter weather I am hoping to get some female flowers.

  7. Beautiful healthy garden Sluggy! Most of my beans have been eaten by some beetle, but turnips and spinach were good and tomatoes and beets ate coming along. Also got some "volunteer" dill. Am loving my very first vegetable garden!

  8. I don't have a yard, let alone a patio to plant anything. If I did, I would look into planting something.

  9. I have three gifted tomato plants that are doing pretty good. They’re in large pots. My ‘veggie’ garden is just sad. I’ve neglected it and it shows. I may plant more seeds of cabbage, chard and kale before Fall gets here. Tonight, we’re getting a soaker. It sounds heavenly, to me! I love the rain! I didn’t get any rhubarb this year but the currants look like they’ll be ready any time. I’ve been lazy in the garden and i’m okay with it.


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