Tuesday, July 24, 2018

And the Winner Is.....

Random dotorg helped me pick the latest Giveaway Winner.
And the winner is........

violinistaJuly 22, 2018 at 9:08 AM
Since I was homeschooled as a kid, a lot of our vacations were taken during the off season, so summers were a time to just relax; I remember it being a lot like what older generations reminisce about (even though some might call me a "millennial"): riding my bike freely around the neighborhood, running around with the neighborhood kids for hours, reading a lot of books, or just lazing around on the hammock:)

Congratulations Gaby!

Please email me from the email address you supplied within the next 48 hours of the time stamp of this post with your full name and mailing address and I'll get this box of goodies out to you.

Thanks for everyone who played this time and check back in 2-3 weeks as I'll have another Giveaway up on the blog.



  1. Of course I had to click on her profile to see who won! A new baby and a box of freebies! Wonderful things abound!

  2. How wonderful that such a young person is reading your blog, learning from you, and now won the give away. Congratulations.


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