Thursday, June 7, 2018

Saturday to Wednesday-A Festival of Shopping

Seems like I ran around to lots of stores between Saturday and Wednesday.

Saturday I went up to Rite-Aid.  I had gotten a Spend $40/Get $8 off Q in the mail so I bought 4 Listerine and these 4 Kimberly-Clark paper products to get over $40 "spending"........

The Listerine bottles were $4.23 each after 20% Wellness disc., used 4 x $1/1 Listerine Qs(from the dentist).
The paper products were on sale for $6.99 each, I had 4 x $1/1 Qs and every 2 products gave back $2 BC(so $4 BC earned).
The Listerine earned me a $5 BC as well.  I ended up using all of the BC left on this card plus $4.27 on one of my R-A gift cards.
BC earned back totaled $9 and the Catalina machine spit this out........

$5 good on your next purchase at R-A.

But I goofed big time.  I meant to buy the Listerine items that double dipped with this weekly Spend $10/Get $5 Deal AND a $4 BC when you buy select items which was a monthly deal.
So I took back the Listerine and got $17.96 in BC put back on that card.  I did get to keep the $5 BC the Listerine purchase earned and the $8 off the $40 order Q, so in the end the 4 K/C paper products cost me $12.12(w/.16¢ tax)in BC or $3.03 per items which is pretty good but not great.
And I have a $5 Cat to spend in the next 2 weeks.

Monday was Hubs post-op check-up.  He's doing well, thanks for asking.  He now has the all clear to resume driving and other normal activities.

Since we were right down the street from the new bank building that was having a Grand Opening, we swung by to claim two free $5 Dunkin Donuts gift cards but the building was empty.

There had been a big ad in the Sunday paper the day before about it all(free gift cards for stopping by, items to register to win, etc.)but the glass building was dark with nothing inside and locked up.
There was one of those fabric "flags" outside that said "Now Open".
Umm, no. lolz

After that disappointment, we ran a couple of bags to Salvation Army to donate.......mostly clothing I got rid of when I went through my closet to change out to Summer clothing.

While cutting through a shopping plaza  on the way to the Bread Outlet, I ran into Gabe's to see if they had any bras that fit me.
I came up empty there but did see some cute dresses and tops but I don't need more clothes so I left empty handed.

I also saw these cute snails for the garden at Gabe's......

Using broken tiles embedded into the concrete........

They wanted way too much for them so I left them there.

Then it was on to the Bread Outlet, spending a whole $5.50 on 1 loaf of bread, 1 package of rolls/buns, 1 package of English muffins(which look like they've been hit hard already)and 1 box of chocolate donuts......

On Tuesday we went to the town South of us to visit Boyer's, a grocery store I don't go to often........

They have a "Buy 5/Pay $19.99" selection of various meats there.  I got over 9 lbs. of BSCB(some sliced thin, some whole breasts, some tenders)for $19.99.  Not a great price but an ok price and sometimes not having to "process" the chicken is worth a few extra nickels.
I got 4 packages of breakfast sausage(2 x Hatfield, 2 x Bob Evans)for $2 each after sale and $1 off instant stickers, a package of Scrapple for $1.50(w/sticker), a pack of sirloin beef cubes for $3.24($2 sticker), a 4 pack of Butterball lunchmeat for $2($1 sticker), 2 packs of oleo for $1 each, baby carrots or .97¢ and the cottage cheese was free(w/Q).  Thus store was having a Buy1Get2Free sale on items, including the hummus(which mad them .97¢ ea.).  Also bought was 3 bags of tortilla chips and 3 bags of tater chips(not pictured).  Then the cashier gave us the 5% Senior Discount even though we told her we don't qualify(it's 62 at this store).lolz  All totaled I spent $43.97 w/tax and "saved" $51.80 or 54.08%.

Then we stopped by Aldi's and bought this............

1 x Almond milk for Hubs
2 x graham pie crusts
1 x rye bread loaf
1 x cuke
1 x strawberries
1 x sour cream
1 x apple pie
1 x hot dog rolls w/$1 sticker
1 x cherry turnovers w/$1 sticker
1 x brownies w/$2 sticker
1 x dozen eggs Not pictured
4 x refried beans Not pictured
2 x Pretzel crackers Not pictured
1 x Velveeta log Not pictured

The buns went into the freezer for July 4th cookout. The pie crusts and the sour cream were also for making desserts for July 4th.  The rye bread is for a dinner for next week.
Aldi's was another $29.85 OOP.

On Wednesday I hit Weis(PMITA)Markets in the town West of us for coffee before the B1G1Free sale ended.  This particular store seems to be the only one that stocks this variety/flavor of coffee Ex-College Boy likes.  I also found some meat deals there.

4 x 8 O'Clock Coffee $1.62 after sale and $1/1 Qs
2 x 8 O'Clock Coffee $1.12 after sale and $1.50/1 Qs
2 x Hormel pepperoni $2.50 after sale and .50¢/1 Qs that doubled to $1
2 x Coleman uncured bacon $2.25 after sale and $1.50/1 Qs
1 x Coleman uncured hot dogs $1.62 after sale and $1.50/1 Q
2 x hot Italian Sausage packs  $1.75 after BOGO sale and $2 instant stickers
Those were the best deals on this trip.
I spent $36.33 with everything else I bought there.

Then on Wednesday also, I almost forgot it was the first Wed. of the month, Wellness Wednesday so I quickly printed off some Qs and hiked up to R-A.
First off I returned the 4 Listerine bottles and got $17.96 of BC returned to that card.

Then I bought all this............

4 x Keebler cookies 20% Wellness disc.($2.39 each)=$9.56
2 x R/S sugar-free mints on sale=$3.00
1 x Hydralyte on clearance=$1.82
1 x Mitchum deodorant 20% Wellness disc.=$3.59
3 x Cadbury candy bars 20% Wellness disc.($1.91 each)=$5.73

Coupons Used
4 x $1/1 Keebler WWQ=$4.00
4 x $1/1 Keebler item(loyalty pt.)Qs=$4.00
1 x $2/1 Hydralyte IPQ=$2.00
1 x $3/1 Mitchum WWQ=$3.00
3 x $1.50/1 Cadbury bars WWQ=$4.50
Coupon Total.....$17.50

$23.70-$17.50=$6.20 + .04¢ tax=$6.24 paid for with BC
I earned back $5 in new BC($3 wys $8 on select foods-Keebler, $2 wyb2 R/S items)so all the above cost me $1.24.
And I forgot to use the $5 Catalina. Oops.....

Basically the cookies were .39¢ a package after stacked Qs and earned back $3 BC so a $1.44 moneymaker after BC, the Hydralyte was a .18¢ moneymaker and clearance and Q, the Mitchum cost .59¢ after Q, the R/S were .50¢ per bag after sale price and BC back and the Cadbury bars were .41¢ each after Q.

They also have a bevy of sample/freebies on the WW table......

Bladder control pills and Qs, Gold Bond cream, Olay cream w/Q, bandages w/Q, green pill cases and frisbees.

I think I am shopped out which is a good thing for my wallet and I won't have a car tomorrow anyway since Hubs is off to the eye doc.  I'll be a homebody for a few days at least and there is plenty to do around here(and housework to avoid with genealogy research). ;-)



  1. The Rite Aid Queen is at it again. :) Too bad you didn't get the $5 DD gift cards. :(

    Great deals otherwise.

  2. I think I would have to call and inform them I came by and no one was home at the bank. You got some great deals. I forgot to go to RA for first Wed. Maybe I need to put it on my calendar since I cannot form a habit of going.

  3. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn't show up.
    Grrrr... well I'm not writing all that over again. Anyways, just wanted to say
    wonderful blog!

  4. I bought a box of jelly filed powder sugar donuts and ate 5 of them in less than 12 hours. So I was in between emergency rooms with mom. Doctor ate the last one.


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