Friday, June 29, 2018

Frugal Friday.....The June 29th Edition

Not a lot to report on that was frugal this week but here goes.......

*  No Weis Friday Freebie last week.  I wasn't feeling well and nobody would go get it for me so I missed out on free cottage cheese. Bummer!  But we did get some freebies and almost freebies this week at Weis........

Better than free Chobani flips after doubled Q and a Yoplait mix-ins for .20¢ after doubled Q.
I just got .40¢ back on SavingStar for the Yoplait one so now all 5 of my yogurts were better than free.

A Weis loss leaders made even cheaper with a doubled Q.  I paid .72¢ each for these bags of sugar.

*  I found money again!

A penny in the parking lot at Rite-Aid and .06¢ on the top of the garbage receptacle in the Weis lobby.  I can't fathom the mind of people who throw away change!  I guess I am an old fart.

*  I sold 6 more packs of diapers.....

 $33 more dollars to tuck away makes $98.50 total made for selling this lot so far.

*  Remember that mayo I bought at Weis this week?

When you bought the Kraft you got the Weis brand free?
Well I still had an .80¢ Ibotta rebate on my account there so I got .80¢ cash back for this purchase which brought my OOP for both down to $1.70 or .85¢ per jar.
Nice. 8-))

*  I received a coupon I sent away for in the mail a couple of weeks ago..........

A free 20oz. bottle of Lipton Iced Tea.
Now I just have to find this item in a store around here before this Q expires.

*  We finally received the balance of our electric company deposit from Louisiana this week. It's actually an electric cooperative based in Texas but it covers this small piece of LA too.  They took our last bill due in April/May out of the deposit and then we had to wait another month for the balance of this deposit back.  Still waiting on the water company down there to settle up and refund us part of our deposit for H2O service as well. sigh

That's about it for us this week since I haven't gone anywhere really and bought nothing at Rite-Aid(that's going to change big time on Sunday though as I need to roll a LOT of BC).

What frugal wins did you have lately?



  1. We had two major repairs this week. So much for savings!

  2. I felt so frugal-I got the Lipton ice tea coupon this week in the mail as well. I don't remember what had to be done to get it. Was it online? Teh only other frugal ness was getting free popcorn Tuesday night with t=iur $5 movie tickets for Jurrassic World since it was Tuesday movie night and reward members get free popcorn. We spent $11 on an icy and diet pepsi, but still, $21 for new release movie, popcorn and beverages for two-I'll take it. Some movies just need to be seen on the big screen and since we got cheap tickets and free popcorn, the least we could do is buy a beverage.

  3. Great deals this week on the mayo. We go thru way more in the summertime than winter, so I'm looking for deals too. Nice amount of money from the sale of the diapers, can't beat that. :)

  4. You are doing great on selling those diapers. My last 2 weeks of freebies is here:

  5. The only frugal thing I got this week was coffee. I found my favorite brand at the grocery outlet for 3.99 so I got two of them. That's about it.


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