Friday, June 1, 2018

Frugal Friday......June 1st Edition

Let's see what frugal wins we had this past week at Chez Sluggy......

* Hubs went to Weis last Friday and picked up the Friday Freebie as it was something we can use.......

Free Hot Sauce.  That bottle won't last long in this house. lolz

*  Since Hubs out patient surgery was delayed 1.5 hours on Wednesday they gave me 2 x $8 vouchers that can be used in the hospital cafeteria and/or the gift shop.  I used one to get a free lunch while Hubs got cut up. lolz
Then I found a Vera Bradley wallet on 75% clearance while browsing the gift shop.....

After 75% off it was $14.31 w/tax.
I used the second $8 voucher on this purchase so I spent $6.31 OOP for this!  This will be sold or given as a Xmas gift so either way it's put into the WIN column.  8-)

*  I also scored something else at Weis for the Xmas box AND something for the pantry stockpile......

2 x 12 packs of K-cups.  The French Vanilla is discontinued at my store so was marked $3.29(reg. $6.29) and I had 2 x $1.50/1 Qs for this brand so they cost me $1.79 per box.  I know a few folks on my Xmas list who would love these(ssshhhh, don't tell!). ;-)

And I had 7 Ragu Qs expiring on Thursday for .75¢/2 jars of sauce that doubled to $1.50/2 jars.  Ragu went on sale starting on Thursday at Weis so I stocked the pantry with ready made sauce for $12.84 for 14 jars after sale/Qs so .92¢ a jar.  I usually make my own sauce but sometimes you need ready made and I can't make sauce for that price anyway. ;-)

*  I also got almost free razors this week at Rite-Aid.......

$5 each and gave back $5 in Bonus Cash so the tax spent down my BC on this by .60¢ for 4 razors.

*  I made $1.50 on Ibotta and .75¢ on SavingStar cash back last week.

*  While at Weis(PMITA)Markets the cashier shorted me on one of my Ragu coupons.  Weis policy is double fully any Q up to .99¢/4 like Qs per order(unless it states on the Q not to double it).  I had 7 Qs so I purposely went through the register twice so I could double all 7 of these Qs.
 A couple of the Qs didn't scan for some reason(they were valid and I had bought the proper products to use them on)so she had to manually put the Qs through.  They were for the same amount/same products but she didn't double the second Q.  She was too busy wanting to chat to pay attention to what she was doing.

I thought about just letting it go and not making a fuss but then I thought, "Damn it!  It's MY money and I should fight for it back!"  I know it was only .75¢ but over time if they keep shorting me that adds up and it could pay a bill or something. If I got shorted this amount every month, that's $9 a year, every week, that's $39 in a year.  That's REAL $$!
 I was in the right so I went to the Customer Service desk and got my .75¢ back.  It only took a minute out of my day.  You can imagine how many customers don't try to right this sort of wrong and let it's just like rolling down your car window and throwing money out the window.
Now imagine how many more folks don't even pay attention and know that the store cheated them!

Any time you are out in the marketplace and are spending your hard earned $, Pay. Attention!!!

What frugalness did you experience this week?



  1. I hate bloody hospitals - for all the reasons you stated. Wait wait wait then see the dr for 3 seconds....wait for the nurse....wait wait wait... Hubby cut his leg on a rusty tool right after we got back from holidays and ended up spending 6 hrs in emergency trying to get a tetanus shot (small town, no after hours clinics open on the weekend here and the telephone health line insisted he get one that night). I fortunately had the good excuse of taking care of Buddy and his bathroom breaks. I would rather pickup dog poop any day than go to the bloody hospital

  2. Great deals on the K cups and One thing I experienced this week was on the last day I subbed I stopped at McDs to get a fruit and yogurt parfait. They charged me for a $1 sweet tea they did not give me. So I filled out the receipt for a free one and stopped in this week to get 2 “free” ones while dd was with me.

  3. I make my own spaghetti sauce too, but always have a jar of store bought for emergencies. You can't beat that price!
    Hospitals have you at their mercy. The ones here would never give a voucher to make up for your wait. That is what I call a real deal!

  4. I really hate to fight to get MY money back. WM employee told me, "But, it is only 13 cents." I looked her in the eye and said, "but, it is MY 13 cents. Do you think I should give it to WM?"

  5. I have to watch Albertsons like a hawk they never do their coupons right or mine.

  6. Pink has face masks and both bombs for $1 and my soon to be 14 y/o girl loves that stuff. She also had a coupon for a free pair of undies with any purchase. $45 worth of stuff for $5! Yankee Candle has a nice sale too. Picked up a $22 candle for $5. Gift for sister in law's birthday. $2.xx for a Minnie Mouse shirt for my nieces birthday at Old Navy. Everything else has been expensive this week lol. Just got back from vacation.

  7. my latest frugalness is "thanks to you"........sat down after work to see what you were up to.......and lo and behold your first paragraph about your Hub going to Weiss for the freebie reminded me I did not load Kroger's Friday freebie yet. I skipped right then over to Krogers and loaded up that freebie, then came back to finish today's post. So thanks! Hope your Hub is recovering nicely and you are surviving the care of him.

  8. Frugalness.... How about no food shopping this week? I think I have enough stuff to make meals.

  9. I've been working too much to do much shopping. That right there saved me a lot of $. I did, however, transfer a prescription to a new store that opened up. By doing so, I received a $25 coupon to use in-store. Used the coupon for my groceries.

  10. A few wins I just wrote up, but not like your wins. I need some groceries this week, so hope on Sunday to do a good matching of ads with coupons, plus an Aldi's stop Monday.

  11. If the price rings up wrong I always go get it corrected. We work hard for our money.


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