Friday, June 15, 2018

Frugal Friday.....June 15th Edition

Here are a few things we did that were frugal this past week.............

*  I earned a whopping .25¢ cash rebate on Ibotta.
Go. me. lolz

*  Hubs picked up the Friday Freebie last Friday at Weis.

Free applesauce cups?  Yes, please!

*  Weis was out of the BOGOFree Butter(8 oz. packs)last week's 3 Day Deals so I had Hubs get me a rain check and when he had to go back to Weis on Saturday he thought to get me another rain check for it, giving me two rain checks.........

Gotta love a man who gets rain checks! ;-)

*  I sold 4 packs of diapers this week.

$22 in my pocket selling something that cost me NADA!

*  More things from Rite-Aid for "free" this past week.....

*  Here is what I bought at Weis this week......

The ice cream and OJs were part of the Buy 6/Get $3 Off Deal so $15.94 for those plus I used 4 x $1.25/1 Qs for the Magnum so $10.94 OOP for those 6 items.  (It's too bad I don't like that ice cream....too much chocolate, not even ice cream IMHO.)  The bag of spinach was 1/2 price and I used one of my butter rain checks(see above)so $4.73 for 4 x 8 oz. packs plus another .96¢ off the butter since it was Senior discount Tuesdays( and a Weis branded product)so I paid $3.77 total for all the butter, making it less than $2 a lb.
I'll be sure to use the other rain check on Tuesdays so I get an additional 10% off those butters too.  8-)

*  I got home and discovered that the cashier at Weis had rang up FIVE butters not Four so when we were out Wednesday running errands I stopped in and got my money back.........

I tired to explain that no, they didn't owe me $2.50 but less due to the Senior Discount but the CS guy couldn't wrap his head around that fact so I got the whole $2.50.
$2.50 back into my grocery budget?  Works for me! lolz

*  While doing a much neglected house project, cleaning out the laundry room, I found this.....

.10¢ of found money added to my wallet.

*  Hubs and I hit Ollie's(Good Stuff Cheap!)on Wednesday.

Didn't get much in the way of foodstuffs.......3 Jello(Peach), Garlic(2 ways), Parsley, Ranch dressing, 2 Parmesan shakers, lemon custard for pie and then Pop-Tarts for Ex-College Boy and Mocha Frappe mix for the 2 kids.  $23.11 on food and we picked up a couple books, a new non-stick skillet, a tablecloth and some doggie treats.

*  Hubs and I had lunch out at Bob Evans on Wednesday after hitting Ollie's.  I drank water so didn't pay $2.49-$2.69 for a drink!  And I used a coupon for $4 off our meal which covered the tip amount.

*  Hubs clipped Chester's nails and I cut Chester's hair this week and he'll be getting a bath soon too.
Having a puppy we were able to get him acclimated to having these things done to him while he is/was young so it's pretty easy to perform them(except that he is still a puppy and can't hold still).
Why pay money at a pet groomer when we can do these things ourselves?

Other than lunch out we didn't do anything special this week.

What frugal wins did you have lately?



  1. I had a frugal win today! Had everything on hand finally to make shower cleaner spray! And the energy to tackle both showers!!!

  2. I took advantage of a great promo from Penzeys at the end of May, pkg arrived today, included was a small pouch of freebie French Thyme. Nice.

  3. Oh, my last two weeks will be tough on the budget challenge, but it was an aggressive one, so really a game to me. Nice little extra funds from the sales-put it towards that TBD trip.

  4. So sorry about multiple comments.... I didn't read the instructions carefully ) : for the give away!

  5. Chicken breasts were on sale this week. Yeah! Gonna make some southwestern chicken salad!

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  8. I love that you're making money on the diapers. THat is such a great way to make money. Sounds like you had another good and frugal week. What a deal on the butter. I'd take the $2.50 the boy couldn't figure out correctly either. LOL

  9. I totally agree with doing the dog grooming yourself. It has saved us so much money over the years. I also can do it whenever I want. I don't have to worry about making an appointment.

    Go Sluggy on the diaper sales. I'm going to have to look into doing that myself for a little side money.


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