Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Random Stuff from Chez Sluggy

I know how McVal loves to do random posts so I thought I'd do one and offload some of these topics from my brain.  Brain dump time....woohoo! ;-)

* So here is a photo of what it looks like outside as of 9 am here..........

I doubt I'll get out to Rite-Aid today to take advantage of the one-day WW coupons. sigh.  And no, like someone said/offered, they won't let you use them on Thursday, even if they know you/like you and you ask sweetly. lolz

*  Checkout51-I really really detest how they don't removed the offers where all the rebates have all been claimed for that item!  Really??!!??  
I go there and see a big long list of offers and 50% or more are no longer available.  Save me and others a little time having to scroll and read all that crap we can't claim rebates on already!

Plus now many of the offers can't be claimed if you also use a coupon?  WTF?!?

And let's talkeabout how the offers just don't change on there...ever!  I've been looking at the same offers for months now.  And they are forever putting offers up for items they don't sell around here too.  What's the point of showing me those?!  8-O

* A few weeks ago when I went to put Chester out first thing in the morning so he could do his "business" I saw these ice crystals on the wooden deck railing.......

 If you look closely these ice crystals are like shards of glass, sitting up off the wood.

The ones where two were joined together sort of reminded me of tiny ice butterflies.

*  So let's rant about Ibotta too while I'm at it. lolz  Since I don't have a smartphone(I use my Daughter's phone to cash out but I have to use the laptop to load offers onto my account)I can't load and don't get to see but a limited number of offers. argh.

*  My low spend on groceries February is just about circling the toilet and it's only Feb. 7th!  I had a receipt/trip I forgot to put on January's total so I started the month behind the 8 ball.  Then I remembered I had an Ollie's 15% off flyer that expires on the 18th which, although it's 15% off already reduced foods(which is Good!)it will mean more spending in February.
Maybe I do have a spending problem?  Nah, I just have a TIMING problem. lolz

*  I really need to get back to working and posting about genealogy.  My last post on that was months and months ago!  I just looked and it was Nov. 9th.
And I need to work on some trip posts.....I am only up to Part 2 of our August 2016!!! trip to Maine and I posted that one in early Oct!
I have so much to show y'all from our trips and I guess that would be a tad more interesting than financial numbers and random shit like this, huh?  8-)))

*  Oh!, the sister in-law got a JOB!!!!!  She starts later this month.  And the brother in-law she is living with is pushing hard for her to get her own apartment(well, actually he's been pushing her since the second week she was living with him).  The problem is the bus line near his house doesn't run to the hospital where her new job is very often and doesn't go right by it.  And she doesn't have nor can she afford to buy/own a car right now.  And brother in-law doesn't want to be put upon to drive her to work.  So yeah.......  I told Hubs she should look at renting a room if someone near the hospital has one for rent.  It would be easier, closer and cheaper than having to get an apartment(especially since she has ZERO money now).  There is talk about she is getting some money back from the mortgage company she gave back her house to at some point in the future.  I have visions of once she gets that money that brother in-law is going to talk her into buying a car(which she can't afford)with it all.  She has had two cars repo'ed already(and one was an old POS car, not new).  What's the odds that she'll take a little of that money when she gets it and pays us back for the $$ we laid out to move her and her shit?  Yah, I don't think doing that will even cross her mind.  8-(
And now Hubs, after swearing to me that he was done financially bailing out his siblings, is now talking about giving her some money for a security deposit and last month's rent for an apartment!!!!! Can you tell I am NOT pleased?!?! I freaking kill him right now if it wouldn't impact the annuity payment. lololz
So the sister in-law saga continues.....

*  In lieu of Rite-Aid pillaging and showing y'all Rite-Aid Porn I guess I'll go work on Giveaways today.
Last month when I was up going through old files and purging them in the spare/office/hubs man-cave room I also did some organizing of my toiletries stockpile tubs in that room.

The last few months of 2017 I had just been throwing bags(mostly from Rite-Aid)onto the tubs and things were not being integrated into the proper tubs and items rotated by dates.
So I spent a few hours and went through EVERY TUB and reorganized.  And I pulled out an entire tub+ of items for Giveaways.  Last Saturday my supply of mailing boxes arrived from the USPS so I am all set to put together more boxes of goodies to giveaway....yippee!!!

Here's what I have to go through now and make up boxes.........

An 18 gallon Rubbermaid tub of all sorts of goodies.

Plus a grocery bag of more stuff!

And that doesn't even count the two Rite-Aid bags of candy I have. lolz

So I am off to sort goodies and get a year's worth(I hope!) of giveaway boxes ready.

What are you up to today??



  1. Yuck, snow, glad our went (it snowed 1/2 a foot a week and a half ago but rained and rained and now it's gone again) and hoping that we've seen the last of it. As for your SIL, it seems every family has one or two like her. Your husband thinks he is helping...or he feels sorry for your brother. Perhaps it's time she helped herself but families are a weird thing. For you who has spent your lifetime planning retirement with your hubby the outlay of cash to help her truly sucks as you are right, she most likely will not pay it back.

  2. I like this type of post. We are in NM and have gotten almost no snow. They say we need at least 20 to 30 more inches to get to the normal amount.

  3. All 3 of Hubs siblings are strange beings. You can't have a normal relationship with any of them. I know when 2 of them die, whoever is left will be putting their hands out to us to pay for their "final expenses" since I doubt they will have any money left/put away for that. And the nephew is a financial disaster too. All have made a lifetime string of bad choices and I am tired of being pressured to bail them out anymore. We have our own financial pressures/needs/wants to pay for. I am tempted to tell Hubs if he wants to throw our money into a bottomless pit that is his siblings he needs to go back to work to earn that money because I am so done.

  4. Oh Sluggy, these are my brothers in a nutshell. The youngest now has had 5 children all with bad problems, it just never ends and I will not help. I am sorry. I help those who help themselves or are not capable of helping themselves. I feel your pain.

  5. Hi Sluggy, this is Chris. We got some snow here last night also. Hubby was able to work from home today and is out now using the snow blower on our driveway/walkways. We got about 4-5 in. here in Ohio.

    I am sorry the SIL situation is still a drama. I hope you and Hubs can come to some kind of agreement on if/how you can help. I understand where you are coming from, but I also think it is a positive thing that she got a job. It is hard to decide what to do sometimes. You don't want to enable bad behavior, you don't have unlimited resources to help, you don't want them to live with you, you don't want them to be homeless, it is a never ending circle of "what to do". I know you will figure something out. I do understand about how you have sacrificed for many years and need to make the retirement last since Hubs retired early. You don't want to give away what you might need in your 80s and 90s.

  6. Your husband seems like a kind, mild-mannered being. But, I see fireworks from him if you told him to go back to work. Now, I don't blame you at all, not even for killing Because of things you have said about sister, I don't think she needs to rent a room from anyone. I think she needs to find an efficiency if she can afford it so she is alone with her hoarding and habits. No one will agree to having her many stuffed animals moved into their space, even if she is renting that space. Since she is working at a hospital, I am sure there is a bulletin board/network to help people get to work, find apartments. I don't know her age, but there are programs to help people get to work, also. Maybe the brother could invest time into finding help for her in the transportation and apartment arena.

    When J was helping me, she looked around one day and said she wished there were room for her in my house. Well, no.

    Those ice crystals are amazing. Are you sorting in the garage or in house? Does Chester help you sort? Hey, it was a good idea to extend Wednesday to Thursday at rite aid.

    Do you have an idea how hubs turned out so differently from his siblings? That might be a whole post.

  7. Sluggy, every family has one (or two) like your SIL. At some point an agreement has to be made NO MORE. Your collection of goodies is impressive. Teddie

  8. Oh, family and money...ugh. We are experiencing a warm and humid day and a big rain storm is about to hit us at any moment. We finally got all our tax docs in order and we're set to bring them to our accountant. Hope we get some money back. Looking forward to a 4-day weekend as we have Monday and Tues off for Mardi Gras. Whoop whoop!

  9. I have learned the hard way that you shouldn't bail out family or friends with money. Very rarely does it make them more responsible. Time to let them be grown ups and fall flat on their faces a few times. Either they will get it or they won't. Every time I've bailed people out they just expect it the next time and you become their back up plan. Then they get pissed if you don't bail them out over and over. Sorry for the rant. You can tell this is a sore spot for me. lol.


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