Sunday, April 2, 2017

Weis Deals from Friday

I got almost 4 lbs. of strip steak at $5.66 lb.  This was 5 steaks so we had 3 of them on Friday night(1 each)and I put the last 2 steaks in the freezer for Hubs and I to have at a later date.
I also got a nice sized whole chicken at .86¢ lb. for $4.92.
We were also out of sour cream and it is 2/$3 this sales cycle so I picked 2 up.

Here's a photo of the other items I bought.......

French's ketchup was $1.47 last sales week but they were out of stock when I went to the store last week.  Betting on them getting some in by Friday, the day my .50¢/1 Qs for this item expired I got a rain check.
Friday they did have the ketchup back in stock so I picked up two and after doubled Qs I paid .47¢ a bottle.
Fiora TP was also 1/2 off on Friday which I paired with a $1/2 ManuQ made each pack $3.00.

Add in half price day old Bakery muffins I got for $2 and I spent $38.53 on this trip.  I put it on one of my Weis gift cards so no out of pocket this year for all this.  The bulk of the cost were the steaks at $21.68.

Hubs is brewing beer and I'm getting some organizing done out in the garage today.
What are you up to?



  1. I am going out to feed Dominique and the hang clothes on the line. There are things in the car that must be hauled inside. Then, I will go to WM. There are seeds to germinate and a search for the rest of the seed packets. It is a glorious day here, 82 F degrees, brilliant sunshine, and the slightest breeze

  2. I don;t know what happened to me today, but it was nothing productive. We came home from church, ate lunch and I started reading, then woke 2 hours later. Now it is time for the Ladies college basketball final so I am done for the day without ever starting,

  3. We went to matinee of Beauty and the Beast-dreary Sunday and wanted some sparkle to end my weekend.


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