Friday, April 14, 2017

Target Shopping This Week...Nothing OOP

I went to Target earlier this week and I brought $65 in free Target gift cards with me when I went.  One of these was gotten from cashing in some credit card points and the others(in $5 and/or $10 increments)were free incentives from purchasing various items at Target in past trips.

They have a "Spend $50 on food/beverage, Get a $10 Target Gift Card" coupon this week.
There were a few things I needed this week(cream cheese, rolls and eggs for Easter)so I figured I'd do the bulk of my grocery shopping this week at Target because nothing beats shopping for free! lolz

I got--
24 Hawaiian rolls=$5.49
12 Hawaiian rolls=$3.00
1 bag blue tortilla chips=$2.79
1 box Whole Earth sweetener=$3.19
1 tomato=$1.29(needed this for lunch that day)
4 dozen eggs=$2.00
1 bag salad=$1.49*Had a 50¢ sticker which the cashier missed-I'll go back at a later date to get that .50¢ back*
4 boxes cream cheese=$5.96

3 bags Starbucks coffee=$17.97
4 6-packs diet Pepsi bottles=$12.00

Before Qs this subtotaled....$55.18

I had a $1.50/1 ManuQ for the Whole Earth and a $3/2 ManuQ for the Starbucks coffee so $4.50 off makes my total $50.68.
I earned the $10 Target gift card on all this.

I also bought.......

4 boxes of Q-tips on sale $2.99=$11.96  Q-tips is one of the few items we are "brand loyal" about.
Earning the $5 Target gift card for these makes them $1.74 per box.  Even without using Qs that's a good price. 8-)

Everything bought--
$55.18 + $11.96 + .12¢ tax=$62.76 OOP.
I paid with $62.76 of Target free gift cards so Zero OOP for all.

I earned back a $10 gift card(for spending $50 on food/beverages)and a $5 gift card(for buying 4 Qtips).

I sent for a free $5 Starbucks e-gift card when I got home HERE(incentive for buying 3 Starbucks coffee bags in one trip).  I'll probably give this to the nephew for his upcoming birthday since I don't "do" Starbucks.

I also submitted for a $2 cash rebate for the Whole Earth sweetener and a .25¢ cash rebate for any item you bought on Ibotta.
I also submitted for a .25¢ cash rebate for the Salad on Checkout51.

So I bought home all the above for $62.76 in free gift cards and earned $15 in new free gift cards(plus $5 for Starbucks)and $2.50 in cash rebates so the effective price for everything above was $45.26(if I had paid for the gift cards). *Once I get my .50¢ back for the discount sticker on the salad the effective price for all will be $44.76

I am off now to go get my free turkey breast from Weis(PMITA)Markets since I have 50 gas points.  This will go into the freezer for later as I am defrosting the ham I also got for free from Weis with gas points at Christmas time.  8-)

Did you hit Target or some other store and get any good deals on groceries this week?



  1. Oops, did not mean to post. I'm using the cordless mouse and grabbed the wrong place. Johnson's swabs are where my loyalties lie. Qtips don't have much cotton on the tip, in my opinion. I have even tried cheaper ones and always come back to J&J.

    I have not been shopping for groceries this week, I did buy my $3.78/half gallon of milk.

    I was thinking that your prowess in grocery shopping will be a very good tool in retirement.

  2. Wow! You rocked it at Target! No great deals for me. I was just happy to make it to Walmart to get a few groceries. I did help offset my purchase with a $25 gc earned via Swagbucks. It all helps.

  3. I love seeing your deals. I try but never do as good as you do every week.

  4. I love seeing your deals also. The egg price was phenomenal! You did great getting all that for free and then earning all those giftcards. Happy Easter to you and your family.


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