Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Road Trip Plan so Far

Planning this thing is going so slow because we are covering so many states/so many miles.
Plus I have to let Hubs have input about where/what/when.  It would go so much faster if "I" just planned it, but what can ya do.  ;-)

Here is the state itinerary to date in order of when we will be passing through them.....


Then Back from Idaho by way of.....

South Dakota
North Dakota

Right now it's 6,833 miles door to door and will take about 30 days to complete(depending on how soon some folks get tired of us).  8-)))
And that's not counting any side excursions.

We have on the excursion agenda so far--

Mt. Rushmore
Little Bighorn Battlefield
Fort Laramie
Great Platte River Road Archway

Those are the big touristy type things we'll stop at.
There are lots of little attractions along the way we are considering too.

I am already tired and we haven't left the driveway! lolz

Here's a visual of our route so far on a map of the US.........

Ok, so I am not so good at drawing freehand a straight line. lolz  But this is the basic route so far.

Once we get to MN on the way back we aren't sure which route to go from there-either WI, IL, IN, MI, OH to PA or WI, IL, WI, MI, OH to PA.  We'd like to see the UP of MI so the second route would accomplish that plus have us avoid Chi-town(which is always a good thing!lol)but it's longer.

We will be stopping to see 3 folks definitely(and as many as 6 more).
If you are along the route I've mapped out so far and would like to hang out with Sluggy and Hubs(or give us lodging for the night too)email me.



  1. I am getting tired just reading it. That said I hope you have a wonderful trip.

  2. When the trail stopped in Minnesota, I wondered if you were just staying there! You have made me tired, too. That looks like a long, but fun trip. I was just reading about Mt. Rushmore and decided I would like to see it. Happy Trails to you!

  3. Sluggy, there is so much to see in Montana, and Idaho and Wyoming. We want to take your guys to West Yellowstone and to Glacier so plan a on a few days with us. You will need to rest also. We can stay with Cindy and Ty at West Yellowstone on your way back and maybe see the Falls.

  4. This looks like a fantastic trip. Would love to have you visit but I am a few miles south of where you are going.
    I keep saying I am going to drive route 66 one day just to do it. Don't know when.

    1. I've always wanted to drive the parts of Rte. 66 that are left too. Well, I did drive a bit of it in IL while on the way to MN in 1999.
      We should do this together....wouldn't that be fun?! Come get me and we can set off! ;-)

  5. We really enjoyed the Crazy Horse monument and Wisconsin Dells.you are going to see some beautiful country. We just loved South Dakota.

    1. We'll have to make note to hit Crazy Horse too while at Mt. Rushmore. Thanks Carol!

  6. Replies
    1. This one may kill me....or I'll just have to kill Hubs. Either way somebody is going to die! Bwaaahhh

  7. Minnesota is on that list and I am on the Wisconsin border, so dibs on connecting with you! As you get closer to sorting out your plans and dates, e-mail and we'll make this happen.

  8. I live in Lexington, Ky. I have a friend that runs an Air BNB on her horse farm. Don't know if it will be available the dates you are here but she would give you a special rate I am sure if you did not go thru AirBNB site and contacted directly. Has a pool and hot tub even. Fellow couponers and we even teach classes on saving money.

    1. That sounds really neat but I don't think it will work for this trip. Our KY stop will be just a quick one to sleep and then we are off again.
      Email me privately the info on your friend's place and maybe another time we can stay there. We do plan to revisit KY as there are lots of distilleries plus a friend down by Elizabethtown to see again. Fellow couponers unite! lol Thanks!

  9. What a long trip 😱
    I'm in Oklahoma but you'll be hundreds of miles from our guest room.
    Have fun!

    1. Yep, no OK on this trip Rhonda. Maybe next time?


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