Thursday, April 20, 2017

Random Stuff Around Chez Sluggy

Just some random stuff going on around here.

* The Daughter brought this injector thing and a bottle of marinade from Louisiana last Summer for ham.  It's a sweet praline sauce.  She wanted me to use it on my Easter ham.

I read the ingredients and the marinade was just HFCS basically with some pecan flavoring thrown in.
But I tried to play Dr. Frankenstein with the ham.
The instructions said to use 2 ounces of marinade per pound of ham....which would have been 3 ounces more than what was in the bottle.  I used about half the bottle and it was all running out anyway.

Like a ham isn't sweet enough? lolz

* When I brush the dog I always do it outside.  This dog is part Husky and not only does she shed All. Year. Long. but she "blows" her coat twice a year.
Anyway there is a LOT of fur coming off her right now.  I leave what I take off her and throw it into the back yard in hopes the birds now building nests will use the material.
I was looking out the master bathroom window into that white flowering tree when a bird lit on a branch there with a gigantic wad of the dog's fur in it's beak.  At least I am helping out some birdie parents-to-be while trying to keep the level of dog bunnies down in my house. (It's a losing battle.)

The potted Hyacinth Hubs bought me for Easter.  I just wish you had "Smell-o-vision".

* The ginormous medical bills(which amounted to half our high medical deductible)finally arrived and were paid.  I'm glad I had set that chunk of cash aside to cover all but $500+/- out of the regular paychecks.  Now we are fighting with the ambulance company and the insurer.  Insurer says they are paying $X but ambulance company wants $XX and we are stuck in the middle of them.  Insurer says we don't have to pay anything above what they paid already but the ambulance company is threatening legal action.  8-(

* A trip to Weis(PMITA)Markets on Wednesday cost me $34.28 OOP.  Saved 45%.  The only thing worth talking about was this Deal......

These were all part of the "Buy 6/Get $3 Off Instantly".  Regular retail of $14.14, sale prices were $12.92.  $3 off Instantly plus $3 in Qs meant I paid $6.92 for all or $1.15+ for each.
Not bad if it's stuff you'll use.
The mayo wasn't part of that deal but was on sale for $2.47 and I had a $1/1Q so $1.47 for the jar.  Decent price if I can't get to the Grocery Surplus Store and get it for dirt cheap there.

* The brother in-law and nephew came over for Easter dinner last Sunday.  I sent them home with quantities of canned Progresso soup and boxes of Cheerios.  They passed on the laundry detergent and facial tissues.  This was easier than lugging stuff up to the food bank.

* I found these Weis Coupon Books at the store last Friday and again today.  So far I have wrangled 8 of them.  8-)  Be sure and look for them at your Weis(PMITA)Markets.  You can stack these WeisQs with Manufacturer Qs(both internet printed and the ones found in Sunday inserts).  Wait for a good sale and get stuff for real cheap!

* I had to go get semi-annual blood work done this week.
Go me.  It's already back(1 day!)and everything is good to excellent.  Nothing flagged as higher than it should be so I am good to go for another 6 months.

* If you like 8 O'Clock Coffee and shop at Weis, go print the $2.50/2 Qs on coupons dotcom quick(if they are still up).  That brand is BOGO this week and you can use a Q even on the one you get free at Weis.  $5.49 for two bags-$2.50/2Q=$2.99 for two bags or $1.50 per bag.  Can't get name brand coffee for much cheaper than that, can you?  ;-)

That's about all from here.
What's going on in your world?



  1. I have one of those injector gizmos but have never used it. Probably never will but who knows?

  2. Sounds like your hom-o-jector was a flop. We do not have any where near the variety of stores here, I wish we did.

  3. Could you just put your own flavoring into the injector, real flavor instead of just sugar?

    My world is spinning out of control and too much to write about here. Suffice it to say my thumb is in a splint and I was ordered to get to ortho as soon as I could. So, that is tomorrow. ugh

  4. OOOH!!! I think I can smell those flowers!

  5. Sluggy, have your insurance co. call the ambulance company to sort out this bill. Have them do it while you are on the phone. That should take care of it.
    P.S. I did medical billing before I retired......

  6. I'd be happy in caffeine with the 8 O'Clock deal. My ham is just baked and basted with soda for a sugary sweetness. The praline sounds good, but if faky, I agree with your assessment. I'm sure whatever comes out of your kitchen is terrific though.


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