Friday, April 7, 2017

March To-Do List.....Update

Let's see how I did with my To-Do List for March.

March To-Do List

 * Pay Bills DONE  Everything paid and on time.

 * Read 1 Book  DONE

Other than him being Miley Cyrus' father and having that monster song hit in the 1980's I knew nothing about Billy Ray Cyrus.  The book was a quick, easy read and told in his own, down-to-earth words.  It's worth taking up if you enjoy finding out about what a "star" is like underneath. -2 stars

I also started this book last month.......

A biography of Chief Red Cloud of the Oglala Sioux.  So far it's great!

 * Go to Dr. Appt.  DONE  And I am doing well.

 * Go to Dentist Appt.  DONE  Have to go back for a second appointment as an old filling was disintegrating and it needs redoing.  Then we wait for the bills to come in. bleh.

 * Get CB from school  DONE  And it was a wild ride the last 8 miles but we lived to tell the tale. ;-)

 * Do CB's taxes w/Him  DONE  I use to do College Boy's taxes for him but now that he is 21 I sat down and made him "do" them with my assistance.   I hope he can figure it out next year as I am getting too old to do this shit anymore. ;-)

 * Work on Genealogy  DONE  I did a fair amount of digging in March and unearthed a few more ancestral cousins, two of them most people will recognize. 8-)

 * Clean Desk Area  PASS  Well I didn't get to my actual desk but I did do the bookshelves next to my desk where most of my crap is stored(files, gift card box, books, recipe file, medicine, coupon inserts, address book, stamps, staple, etc.)  All four shelves got de-cluttered and better organized.  Now I just have to de-clutter the's not a big desk and most of it is taken up by my laptop, printer and a box of tissues but it's amazing how much little crap I can pile on it as well. lolz

 * Work on Medical Files DONE  I pulled out all the EOBs and matched them up with medical invoices and proof of payments.  Since I am a frequent flyer, Daughter has lots of visits and with Hubs two current medical issues(leg and eye)we get lots of communications from both medical billers and our insurance company.  If I don't stay on top of it, it would turn into a massive clusterf**k in no time!
I got all the paid bills/EOBs stapled, arranged in chronological order and put back into the file turned facing the back of the folder.  Anything pending or still not billed/EOB-ed stays right side up and goes on my master list of what isn't paid but EOB-ed.  The file is getting so thick already that I realized I really should make it a two folder system now-1 for paid bills and 1 for pending.
Oh, I am a genius, aren't I?! 8-)))

 * Make sure Hubs mails Taxes  DONE....Finally!  I have learned I REALLY like to be in control of stuff like this and not rely on someone else to do it.  Not only did it worry at me since he doesn't seem to have the same rate of "wanting to get this completed" as I do, but OMFG!, he spent a TON of money on software to do them!  Like TWO different versions of software to do them AND two more payments to the software people to FILE the crap!  We are in the hole $200+/- just doing the taxes, let alone what we owed on two different state returns.  At least A-we got a federal refund to counterbalance the owing thing and B-We can take the cost of doing our taxes off next year's return.
But next year's(2017)looks like it will be another PITA complicated filing(due to one issue we had this year plus TWO more complications next year!)so if we are going to spend so much to do taxes I am taking them to a tax accountant if I can't talk my brother into doing them for me(he's a retired CPA).
And Hubs' procrastination?!?  I don't even want to talk about that....... 8-(

 * 1st Load to Salvation Army for 2017  FAIL  Well I have crap to take in all over the house basically.  Nothing got scooped into bags/boxes and taken up actually due to weather/Hubs working from home so nobody went out that way(he usually drops stuff off on the way home from work). 
I am debating whether I should even catalog what we donate this year.  I ALWAYS write down every specific thing we take in on a paper and they sign and date it so when tax time comes I make sure we get every last deduction for donations we have coming to us.
But last year I didn't have enough itemized deductions to make it worthwhile to file a Schedule A and just took the standard deduction amount.  And that's even with donating a CAR for gosh sakes! lol
It really irked me since we don't have mortgage interest to deduct that we didn't even make the Standard Deduction ceiling but then again, I'd much rather NOT pay a mortgage every year.  8-)))
Hmmm, get a mortgage deduction vs. keeping all that money people pay to interest on their houses?
I think I'll keep my money and suffer..... ;-)

So this item is just a matter of getting the stuff out of the house and up to Sallie's.  It will get done in April no doubt!

So what did you get done in March?



  1. March? I would have written it down if I had known you were going to ask me something that happened so long ago.

  2. March was just March. We got taxes done. I did some planning for April events but didn't really set goals or a to do list other than my $200 challenge.

  3. We've never done our own taxes. My brain when I look at numbers:


    I know a couple who always did their own tax returns and last year they forgot to claim something. They ended up owing like 6 thousand bucks. Yeah. No. I'll leave it to the professionals. Worth every penny to me.


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