Tuesday, April 11, 2017

It's In the Bag! Great Deal I Got at Weis

Friday's one day sale at Weis(PMITA)Markets had Glad trash bags at half price last week.

Half price trash bags and there were/are Glad trash bag coupons on Coupons dotcom this/last week.

I went and printed out a slew of those and did two transactions at Weis on Friday......

Pictured above are the 12 boxes of trash bags I got(7 boxes of kitchen size bags, 5 boxes of large garbage bags).
Regular retail on all this is $107.88, sale price was $53.94, minus my $19 in coupons and I paid $34.94 + $2.09 tax=$37.03.
12 boxes netted me 510 trash bags or 07¢ per bag.

I hate paying for something that just gets thrown away and Hubs won't use cheap bags for trash so I did well here.
I just wish I had more coupons to buy more since name brand trash bags NEVER go on sale for this cheap here!



  1. I buy Glad, 120 bags at a time. I won't use cheap ones, either! I do have one coupon, but the Glad bags are not half price here. Since I only use two bags a week, at least mine last a long time unless I am doing a major declutter of things I once valued or just put aside until later! Good score!

  2. Yowza indeed! That is a super score! I am with your husband on cheap trash bags. I only buy Glad force flex.

  3. I'm with you on that. When it comes to a lot of things (even trash bags!) you get what you pay for. Great score!


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