Sunday, April 23, 2017

Back to Rite-Aid for a Little More

So I printed off 4 coupons plus brought up 2 coupons I forgot to use on Friday's trip.......

I had 2 x $2/1 Qs for the Max Freeze I "bought" on Friday so the cashier did a "post-coupon" transaction and I got $4 cash back for them

Then I "bought" 2 more V-8 drinks for .88¢ each and 2 boxes of Advil PM, which came to $7.99 each after 20% Wellness discount.
$17.74 and then I used $12 in Qs(2 x $3/1 Advil PM stacked with 2 x $2/1 In-Ad Advil PM Qs, 2 x $1/1 V-8 drinks)

$17.74-$12=$5.74 + .11¢ tax=$5.85
I used $5.85 in Plenti Points to pay and earned back $1 in new PPs($1 wyb2 drinks)so I spent down PPs by $4.85.

But there are $5 worth of Advil PM cash rebates on SavingStar I had activated so in the end, I converted PPs to cash and got paid .15¢ to bring $22.36 worth of goodies home.
Plus $4 back from Friday's trip.



  1. I love getting such a great deal! Great job!

  2. I've decided deal hunting will be a summer vacation task-figuring out a system for improving my shopping and getting the good deals. These are amazing offers.


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