Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Rite-Aid & Weis Quickie!

Went to get my rxs at Rite-Aid and found a few freebies..........

2 x Aqua balls on sale but Wellness disc. less .80¢=$1.60
1 x Max Freeze on sale=$5.00

I used 2 x .40¢/1 Aqua Balls IPQ=$.80
$6.60-.80¢=$5.80 + .05¢ tax=$5.85

Paid with Plenti Points and earned $6 in PPs back($5 Max Freeze, $1 wyb2 AquaBalls)so this was a .13¢ moneymaker.  ;-)

Then I did this on my card......

2 x V-8 energy drinks on sale .88¢=$1.76
2 x Max Freeze on sale=$10.00

I used 2 x $1/1 V-8 Energy drinks IPQ=$2.00
$11.76-$2.00=$9.76 +.11¢ tax=$9.87

I paid with Plenti Points and earned $11 in new PPs(2 x $5 Max Freeze, $1 wyb2 V-8 drinks)so this was a $1.13 moneymaker.

Then it was up to Weis Markets for cheap coffee..........

They didn't have any Caramel Macchiato which is College Boy's favorite so I got the above.
BOGO at $5.49 for 2=$10.98-$5.50 in Qs=$5.48 for 4 bags.
If they don't get any of his flavor in by the end of the sale I'll get a rain check or five! lolz

I may print off some more V-8 Qs today and go back for more better than free drinks.  My R-A doesn't have these drinks tagged as being part of the sale so they have a lot left.  ;-)

Nothing else planned for today.  It's coldish and rainy so I can't spray dandelions so I guess I'll clean some inside, move some money in my accounts(so it earns a few extra pennies lol)and work on planning our Summer trip some more.

What have you got on your agenda today?



  1. J mowed yard and emptied bags of grass for happy hen, happy because she has something to scratch through. I am going to stagger out to Lowe's to get a weed identified, maybe go to Walmart, and definitely hold the bed down after I cook just a bit. Holding the bed down will definitely eat up most of the day.

    1. I hear ya on holding the bed down. I spent most of a day last week there.
      Today I am working on my travel itinerary for the road trip. Man, this country is wide! lol

    2. It sure is. I made the trip 4 times from Arizona to Buffalo or Albany and back.

  2. Does anyone know where the blog ThriftyatSixty disappeared to. I enjoyed reading it and can't locate it. Thanks, Penn S.

    1. Hi Penn S.
      She is now blogging at "The Thrifty Millionaire". Just look on the blog roll on the right and the link it there.

  3. Thank you! I found it and saved it.

  4. You did great with that coffee shop. My sister loves Weis deals too.

    Enjoy planning your trip. Today I washed more windows and other odds and ends around the house.

  5. I am not one to drink coffee, but I hear tell it is worthwhile to buy quality coffee, and not cheap sort - any truth to this?

    1. My coffee purchase was "cheap" in price but not in quality. This brand is a good coffee for a grocery store type...and the 3 drinkers of such who live here like it. I don't drink the stuff....tea is my poison of choice.

  6. Slugmama,
    I did not mow or take bagged grass to hen. Boy, I am in rough shape if I think I did that. Where is my head? I had someone do it! However, I was absolutely correct about holding down the bed. Someone else took her food to her and collected her egg. I never got to WM and struggled with WM.

    1. Never got to Lowe's. Gee, I am struggling still to string words together!


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