Sunday, March 19, 2017

What's Been Going on Here

Some Frugal Things at Chez Sluggy This Past Week--

* We got a refund check from our car insurance company.  Sorry I forgot to take a photo of it before putting it into the bank.  This was unexpected but because our son is now 21, we get a bit of a discount on our insurance now.  Every little bit helps, right?

* I got some deals at Weis(PMITA)Markets on Friday....

College Boy wanted some breakfast sandwiches to put in his mini-fridge back at school.  These are usually $4 a box, on sale for $3.50 this week at Weis and I had a $1/2 IPQ to pair with it so $3 a box of 4.

Arm & Hammer and Arrid Deodorants are .99¢ with week at Weis.  Pair the $1/1 ManuQs in last weekends inserts and you get FREE deodorants.  Just make sure you have something else in your order for the 2 cents overage for using the coupons.

I snagged some 50% produce mushrooms....1 lb. for $1.99 and 8 oz. pack of sliced bellas for $1.34.
And I had a Weis mailed to me Q for .50¢ an 8 oz. pack of sliced mushrooms so the bellas were .84¢ in the end.

A few brands of GM cereals were $1.44 a box for the Fabulous Friday sale.  Generally Mutli-Grain Cheerios are NEVER part of any cereal deal at our Weis, but Friday they were.
I had a $1/2 GM cereals IPQ left that was expiring soon to pair with these two boxes so they were .96¢ each instead of $1.44.

Earlier this month, on Rite-Aid Senior Citizen Wellness Wednesday they were giving out Balance Bar coupons.  The Wellness Ambassador gave me a stack and it's funny but my Rite-Aid doesn't even carry this brand of bar(I looked!).
But I hauled the coupons home and wouldn't you know it I found a deal at Weis to use them with.
Balance Bars are $1 each this week there and the coupons are $1.50/2 single bars(or 1 multi-pack), making these bars .25¢ each so $1.50 spent OOP on all.
I have 1 more Q left to take back later this week to get 2 more bars.
Daughter doesn't have time to eat when she works on weekends so she can take one of these in her pocket to munch on.

* We didn't go out all week while College Boy was here this past week(well, really not much opportunity to do so with the Blizzard of '17 here)nor did we get take-out(except for the Saturday when I brought him home when we ordered pizzas).
I suppose we'll take him our for his Birthday when he gets home for Summer break......only 3+ months late. 8-)))

* I want to mention that there is a DOUBLE DIP Opportunity at Weis this week too.  Two of the items on their "Buy 6, Get $3 Off" are the Kraft sliced and Kraft shredded cheese bags.  These two items are also part of the "Kraft Buy 5, Get $5 Off Instantly Deal" too.
So buy 6 Kraft cheese bags and get $8 Total off.
Good deal on cheese.
Would be better if there were cheese coupons to pair with it though.

* I hemmed College Boy's performance tuxedo pants this week.  Boy did I have a time with those!  Not so much the pants but my overlock machine.  I haven't really used it or had to rethread it since having cataract surgery.  I have a hell of a time seeing close-up now.  I do better with very bright light on what I am trying to see up-close.  I guess I need to start looking to buy a lamp for my sewing area to help.  Then I pinned one leg incorrectly(backwards actually).  I tried them on him and thought, "Hmm, are this boy's legs lopsided?". lolz  Nope, it was my pinning job and then I sewed it. Argh.  Then when I figured out what I did,  I couldn't get the stitching out because I couldn't see the black thread on black pants.
Double Argh!  After hours I got it out(and with help from Daughter)and got that pants leg hemmed correctly.  It didn't help that it was nighttime when I was doing this(lack of light)and I thought Hubs was taking him back the next morning so I was stressing out to get it done before they left.  The weather was crap yesterday so Hubs took him back today instead so I got an extra day to finish.

* I bought College Boy a neti pot this week.  He has horrible sinus troubles that no meds seem to help with so I showed him how to use my neti pot.  I still had $10 on that Rite-Aid Visa Gift Card(the expires the end of March)so I got him a pot up at Rite-Aid.  With 20% Wellness discount it was $9.03 after tax so nothing OOP.
I still have $1.01 left on the gift card.
And I also picked up a small plunger at the Dollar Tree for College Boy to take back to his dorm room. ;-)

* Other than the grocery store, Rite-Aid for drugs, the bank for cash for Hubs(and to pay the plow guy)we stayed home and didn't spend money.
Well I DID pay bills this week(the monthlies--internet, phone, water, credit card, and annual property taxes and annual sewage).
Lots of bills.....
I also realized this week that March is a three paycheck month for us so all my holding back overage from February to cover a heavy irregular bill month in March was for naught!  Boy, I sure miss my mind sometimes...... ;-)

I am enjoying the peace and quiet today.  It's just me and the dog until Daughter gets off her workshift and Hubs gets back from driving CB back to school.

What are you up to today?



  1. I always wish I had coupons with the Kraft cheese deals. I hope you sent distilled water with boy and directed him not to use tap water with the neti pot. I have allergies and congestion 100% of the time. It seems I am taking antibiotics half of the time!

  2. How nice that you are getting a refund check from your insurance company. My dd is 19, so maybe we will start getting one in a couple of years.

    Nice deals you got there, can't beat free deodorant.

    I just took a Sunday nap after working in the kitchen for most of the morning. It's back to the grindstone tomorrow. I hope you have a great week!

  3. Puttering around the house, and tonight am thinking me and Netflix have a date with a bottle of red. Life seems calm and good right now, and I'd like to take that into the week ahead.

  4. Yay on lower car insurance...eventually the kid column will go to zero for both of them. Ours is zero but there is still a kid column in the budget as lent Stepdaughter money in November which she repaid in March (with a little gentle prodding, after $200 hair extensions came first) and outgoing of $620 to Stepson #3 taking some upgrading courses which he needs before he goes to college next year. We are lending the money then when he goes he can withdraw it from the Education fund(*government ran RESP in Canada, cannot withdraw without attending post-secondary). I received free Lucky charms this week (yuck but in an emergency breakfast) on St Patty's day for loading it onto my Quality Foods card, sold off $50 worth of "stuff" this weekend on our facebook bidding site

  5. Next time call me I will come right over and hem those pants.:)


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