Thursday, February 2, 2017

Rite-Aid Visa Debit Card Deal

I did the "Spend $30/Get a $15 Visa Debit Card" Deal on January 22nd.  Got the code to send for the Visa card that afternoon and the actual cards came on that following Saturday, January 28th.

Man! That was fast.  Generally sending away for anything takes weeks.

This was just a way to turn Plenti points into Visa gift cards. When all was said and done, I spent no money out of pocket, just points to get these Visa cards.
This makes the monies more flexible as these can be used anywhere that takes Visa debit/gift cards and Plenti points have a much narrower range of stores.

Except if you look at the expiration dates on the cards it's the end of March 2017.
Plenti points are good for two YEARS!
Well it's only $30 total on these and it won't take me 2 months to spend it all so it's all good.



  1. While I don't do the RA plentipoints, I do take advantage of my credit card reward points. I have the option to use them towards merchandise or gift cards, as well as a check or a cash refund on my account. The best (value wise) deal is to get a cash refund credit. I keep track of these free monies and once amassed, I tend to buy laptops. Mine needs replacement soon, nice to know the funds are there when needed.

  2. Well damn I was hoping to keep them for stocking stuffers, I guess I have to stuff my own stocking.

  3. I, too, was shocked that these cards expire in March. I was hoping to use them as gifts. Oh well. My two $15 cards have already been rolled over to more points.

  4. I did not do the credit card deals, because I still haven't registered for the plenti points thing. (Bad Anne). If I had I would probably buy gifts for Christmas with them. Instead I am late to the party, as usual.

  5. I half heard a news story that Walgreens and RiteAid might be merging as one is buying the other out. If it happens, I wonder how it will affect deals. I hope they do their sales like Rite Aid and not Wags.

    1. This merger has been in the works for something like 1.5 years now. I am hoping they keep coming up with roadblocks to it. lolz

      I suspect since RA is being bought out in this merger they will go with the Wags model. bleh.

  6. When I get small or short dated Visa cards I use them to buy Amazon gift cards that go right into my Amazon account. No expiration!


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