Friday, February 10, 2017

January To-Do List Update

Here's the results of my January To-Do List.......

* Pay Bills-DONE  I rock this goal. lolz

* Bike Something-FAIL  Hubs is monopolizing the bike right now.  Yeah, that's the reason. ;-)

* Read 1 Book-DONE

I found another Fannie Flagg novel at Ollie's for $2.99(+ a 10% discount)in January so I picked it up. Ms. Flagg writes some great characters.

* Shred Papers-FAIL  Didn't happen in January and goes onto February's list now.

* Hold Giveaway-FAIL  Didn't get to it in time for January.

* Mail Giveaway-FAIL  Didn't do the giveaway thus didn't mail anything. lolz

* Put Tree and Decorations Away-DONE  Surprisingly we got this all done before January was half over with.

* Pay College Bill-DONE  Paid a little early but I didn't want to wait until the last minute.  College Boy is paid up until next Fall now.  Only 2 more semesters to go....woohoo!

* Buy College Books-DONE  I shopped the books around this year and saved a few hundred $$$s.  I have to check with CB as there was 1 book the course professor hadn't chosen yet in January and CB said he needed a book of musical scores that needs to be ordered too. sigh.  It. Never. Ends.

* Do FAFSA-DONE  Now that you can use last year's tax forms/records we got this done in record time.  Usually we are into March before this happens.
And ever better.....THIS IS THE LAST FAFSA I EVER HAVE TO DO!!!!!!
Do I sound happy here? 8-)))))))

* Take College Boy back to school-DONE  We went on Saturday rather than Sunday this time due to weather forecasts.  It worked out better too.  And this gave College Boy extra time to get himself back into school mode too.

* Clean up Garage-FAIL  With the weather so cold when I had time to get to this it just didn't get done.  This goes onto February's To-Do List.

* Finish  2017 Budget-SORT OF  I had things pretty much settled and then BoyFriend decided to go back to Louisiana.  We are good in that this gives us more breathing room with bills for the year and we have sufficient income to meet our needs/wants for 2017.  I'm still going to play around with the budget some and see what/how many trips/traveling we can fit in.

* Take Care of Invalid Patient(and don't kill him)-PASS  Hubs is still alive and breathing despite my best efforts.  ;-)
He has progressed from the cam boot and walker to a cane.  Now he's weaning off the cane and today is his last physical therapy session.  He can now drive a bit.  He tires quickly and has trouble walking on uneven surfaces/terrain but that will come.
It's just a matter of healing now and that just takes time.
He is mobile and self-sufficient and other than driving me crazy by being underfoot all day at home he is doing ok.

I'm overall pleased with how we ended January.
It beats how we came into 2017, that's for sure!

Are you happy with what you got accomplished last month?



  1. Glad you are pleased with your January 2017 goals. I could do more, but am still out here working on them. :) I love Fannie Flagg, ntw. :)

  2. I don't know what made me happier having all three done with undergrad or the thought that I never had to fill out another damn FAFSA! 17 years of FAFSA is just too much.

  3. I'm to point where if anything productive happens in January it is win.

  4. I am never happy with what I accomplished, because I could always do more unless binge watching The Man in the High Tower counts as an accomplishment. I am old enough to not beat myself up for dropping a few things off the list and I did get one area of the house completely cleaned, decluttered and crap sent to Goodwill.

  5. I hear you on the Fafsa forms and constantly needing money for books. I unfortunately have two more years but only one more Fafsa to do. Cheryl

  6. We are still alive and relatively sane...other than that got not much accomplished. The business was way busy and I was tied up dealing with our roof leak. First week of February is not much better...but - today delved into starting to deal with our 2016 taxes, need some investment slips, upgraded our version of turbotax to a paid one but still saving $250 by doing it myself versus having the accountant do it. Got a haircut but didn't get passport photos or application handed in - the goal is by next Friday now as this was delayed due to crappy weather. Other than that I need to get a handle on our corporate income tax but have almost all the paperwork on that ready to take to the accountant. Eating down the freezer, that was accomplished by hardly leaving the house this week. Made sure we ate something out of it each day this week. Glad you haven't offed your hubby through all of this...imagine what it will be like when he leaves the house!

  7. If you enjoyed Can't Wait to Get to Heaven, you should check out your local library for Fannie Flagg's other novels. I've enjoyed them all.

  8. not killing invalids is a commendable goal indeed.

  9. Hello Sluggy - Wow... Can I be you when I grow up!! Sounds like you had a pretty good month.


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