Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What I Bought This Week at Rite-Aid

First off I had a Load2Card Q for "Spend $20 in Rite-Aid Branded Items, Get $5 Off Your Order" attached to two of my Plenti cards.

Daylogic(a R-A brand)razor blades are $8 and give back $8 in Plenti Points this week(limit 2 offers per card).
DreamHouse candies are also a R-A brand.

So I bought this...........

2 x Daylogic razor blade refills on sale=$16.00
2 x Dream House Jordan Almonds BOGO50%=$4.48

The $5 off $20 L2CQ came off....
$20.48-$5=$15.48+.72¢ tax=$16.20

I paid with $16.20 in Plenti points and earned $16 in new Plenti points back.
So all this "cost" me .20¢ in Plenti points.

The Daylogic refill blades fit the Gillette Mach3 handles and way cheaper than the Gillette Mach3 refill blades.
Daughter loves Jordan Almonds so I have already started collecting goodies for Christmas of 2017.  8-)))

My R-A only had 2 packs of blades so I'll try another location to see if I can do this deal again on my son's card(which also has the Spend $20/Get $5 off Q attached to it)to get razor blades and candy for .20¢ in points.



  1. I also love Jordon almonds, my teeth don't, my dentist doesn't. If you buy any more razors I will have to come check you for the wolf man gene. Actually I will run get some too!

  2. Jordan almonds! I'm in the lookout for them for wedding shower favors.


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