Friday, December 30, 2016

What Santa/The Mailman Brought Us Last Week....Yikes!

After the scare last week about not getting the disability paperwork in on time so that the paychecks keep rolling in at Chez Sluggy, Hubs got an envelope in the mail from our insurance company.

This wasn't in the packet of EOBs that came separately, the size of which could chock a horse.
No this EOB came under separate cover.

And just look at the amount of this bill..........!!!

Merry Christmas! lolz

This was not for the ER visit stuff or the X-rays, CT scans, docs, etc. or the surgeon and anesthesiologist fees.

This was for the use of the OR, drugs, equipment and the subsequent 1.5 day hospital stay(2.5 days if you count the day between being admitted and when they actually performed the surgery), nursing costs, meals, etc. while there.

ER costs that have been billed amount to $2321.00 so far.  According to the insurance company's website there is another $6290.00 of charges on there for the EOBs that haven't arrived in our mail yet.

If you are keeping score we've got $95,626.82 in medical charges so far for his accident.
Add in 3 home health nursing/OT visits, the suture removal next week and then numerous Physical Therapy sessions in January to look forward to.

Luckily(I guess it's lucky?)we hit our maximum out of pocket for 2016 so everything so far is covered 100% and we don't owe a penny of co-insurance/co-pays for any of this. (Add in $10K+ in charges for the Daughter's last back injection in November that was no cost either as we'd hit the maximum OOP before she had that procedure done mid November.)

Come January 1st, we are on the hook 100% for the first $3K in new medical charges out of pocket in 2017 and then 10% of each bill for co-insurance charges.

I can't even imagine having a major health event without medical insurance!  No wonder medical debt is the number 1 reason people go bankrupt.
This was just broken leg(albeit a really bad one).  What do they charge for an organ removal/repair or a heart attack/stroke?



  1. Amazing isn't it? And where does all that insurance money go?

  2. Frightening reality, isn't it? sigh . . . .

  3. Back in 87 I had an emergency surgery with no insurance. Granted, costs hadn't yet exploded, but it took us years to pay off.

  4. Holy Cow! So if you don't have medical insurance then what!? I hope everything turns out okay for DH and DD. Take care Sluggy, not just of everyone eles but of yourself. Wishing you and yours a very Happy and Healthy New Year.

  5. This just makes me sad. I have several family members who don't have health insurance because they truly cannot afford it (and they do have to pay the "penalty" each year for not having it). Could you even imagine if something like this happened? Bankruptcy would be for certain! The medical billing in this country has just gotten grossly out of control. No one can any longer afford to take care of themselves due to any sickness or injury unless they pay copious amounts of money in medical premiums each month. It's a no win situation that makes me sick. (no pun intended)

    I'm glad your husband is on the mend!


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