Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Paid for Groceries in December Plan

       Yeah, this just might be me above by the end of December. lolz

So here is where we stand going into December with "free money" for groceries......

Gift Cards.....$64.36
Cash Rebates--
Rolled Coins...$87.50
Other Cash(post coupons)...$42.00


If any more cash rebates are earned at SavingStar, Checkout51 or Ibotta during the rest of the month those will get rolled into the total above.

The Goal this month is to only spend these funds on groceries in December and not use any income this month to fund the grocery budget.

I also have some Target gift cards I can utilize if I need to.(Those were earmarked for Xmas giving but the prospective recipients didn't want them.)  I don't like buying groceries at Target but if push comes to shove I will to keep from spending the cash coming into the house this month.  The same goes for some old Kmart gift cards I have as well....I'll use those if I go over my $401.03.
I could also buy food at Rite-Aid and spend down some Plenti Points there instead of using cash so that's in my back pocket too.

I will cash out my rebates/refunds from Savingstar, Checkout51 and Ibotta before December ends to put with the coins and cash on hand above to spend on groceries this month.

This is all I have for the month to put toward food & toiletries.  Since I haven't had a monthly food shopping total below $400 since May, when the Daughter and the BF arrived this will be interesting.
The larders and freezers are stocked full going into this challenge(making it less of a challenge really).  The pantry staples are good as is the supply of frozen meats.  Fresh produce(as my frozen veggies are low)will need to be bought, as will some fruit and milk.

Let the games begin! 8-)



  1. I love my self imposed grocery challenges despite my daughter saying she "starves" when I get near the end. I have a $400 good only goal that includes Christmas extras but Hubs already spent $107 of it so things will get tight, but I'll be flexible if a great deal is at hand. I've been trying to build my good shelf donations as well. I know you'll pull this off.

    1. What are good shelf donations? Please explain.
      I'm glad somebody has faith in me to pull this off because I sure don't. lolz

  2. Sounds like a fun experiment! I've tried to buy food at Rite Aid, but it's typically ridiculously overpriced. Do you find that as well?

    Also, happened to hit up a local grocery store (we are rarely there) to look for a specialty holiday baking item. Stumbled across the clerk putting out a bunch of items on clearance for $.10. I picked up all of the candy needed for our advent house, and 8 more "movie size" containers of candy, and a Ghiradelli baking bar, a package of Lindt chocolate covered pretzels. . . for $2. It was pretty great. I was thrilled. Shopping victory! :-)

    1. Food at Rite-Aid is high, unless something is on sale and I can pair it with a coupon and/or Plenti points making it cheap or free. And they don't carry much that we use so it's not a great resource.
      $2 for all that chocolatey goodness is great! Here's your shopping

  3. You have such great deals! I have just one points card with about $130.00 on it to use for Kazi's stocking and extra food this month. It seemed pretty good til I saw your list lol!

    1. Jane, I've been saving the rebates and coins and such all year! I use to be able to do much better but the deals have lessened and gotten stingier year after year.
      $130 saved up is nothing to sneeze at so don't feel bad! 8-)

  4. I am impressed as I always am with your spending. It is going to be fun seeing how you manage your funds. I predict you will have "money" left over at the end of the month.

    1. Leftover money? Ha! From mouth to the food gods ears.....

  5. I get to cash in my pig Wednesday and have stocked up on baking supplies, I even have a ham in the freezer. So I am going to try and be careful with food. Yeah like that is going to happen when the locusts descend.

  6. I also am impressed and applauding you that you make your goal.


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