Friday, December 2, 2016

Net Worth....Dec. 1st Update

We are actually up over $10k from November 1st's net worth overall(only liquid cash/investments/bonds, as I don't count housing or car values).  The retirement accounts were up $7K+ for December 1 from November's calculations and the cash reserve/non-retirement accounts were up almost $3K.

We are up $92,308.80 from one year ago, in the December 1st of 2015's net worth snapshot.  Even with miserable interest rates and a lackluster stock showing lately, over the course of a year it still grows at a decent clip when you have a good chunk of money invested. ;-)  Even though we are mostly out of the stock market with our investments now since we are so close to retiring we still earn a nice hunk because of the size of the pot.

We are still in acquisition mode and Hubs still has a good income.  Unless something unfortuitious happens we should keep rolling along and tucking money away, even with our expanded living costs with 2 grown kids home fulltime, for at least another year+.  The plan is still for Hubs to retire once College Boy graduates college but the moving away piece of the puzzle won't be happening quite as soon as that since Daughter is still living here so she can finish school.

Life happens and is expensive so save as much as you can for those rainy days no matter your age or how close/far away you are from retirement.

Did you increase your net worth last month?
Do you have a retirement plan in place?



  1. You know I have aggressive plans. I think considering our income, we did not horribly last year in overall savings/long term interest accumulation. DH likes to figure out our Net worth, but if I had to think, November was perhaps up maybe $7,000? thanks for weighing in on my 2017 goals.

  2. You go girl! Great savings! I had no idea you were so close to retirement. Good for you and Hubby!

  3. We were up about $12.7K in month over month, and do have a retirement plan. Both a more interim plan (reduced income requirements, allowing for more flexible employment), as well as a full retirement plan.


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