Thursday, December 15, 2016

My Rite-Aid Haul This Week

At first I didn't find anything exciting(read free or cheap)at Rite-Aid this week.
But that changed on Wednesday.

I had to go out to my last dr. appointment on the year(and get a break from my Invalid for awhile)so I hit Rite-Aid.

I had gotten this Catalina on eldest son's card recently......

Earn 500 Plenti Points($5)when you spend $50.
I didn't think I'd be using this Catalina but a couple of deals came up.

Everything in the photo was done on two different cards.....

On eldest son's card I bought--
4 x I-Caps vitamins BOGO50% (3 were $16.79 reg. retail, 1 was $22.99 reg. retail)=$56.56
1 x Garnier shampoo on sale=$3.49
8 x Renewal/Daylogic hand soap BOGOFree($2.29 reg.)=$9.16

Coupons Used
4 x $10/1 I-Caps vitamins(any size)IPQ=$40.00
1 x $2/1 Garnier shampoo ManuQ=$2.00
Coupon Total......$42.00

$69.21-$42.00=$27.21+ .64¢ tax=$27.85
I used Plenti Points to pay so Zero OOP.

I earned $29.00 in new Plenti Points($5 wyb $50, 2 x $8 wyb2 I-Caps, 4 x $2 wyb 2 Renewal/Daylogic hand soap), making this transaction a $1.15 moneymaker.

Supposedly there is/was a Garnier shampoo SavingStar rebate for $2 but I don't have it in my offers.  If I had it that would have made the Garnier purchase a $.51 moneymaker and the transaction a $3.15 moneymaker.
I thought I had it when I bought the shampoo so I might return it(as I don't "need" another bottle of shampoo)and it's purchase was not required to get me over $50 in the transaction to get those bonus $5 in PPs.

I then used my other card to purchase 8 more bottles of hand soap.  After points earned and tax paid of .55¢ all 8 bottles "cost" me $1.71 in Plenti Points on that Wellness card.

The eye vitamins are something we can use since Hubs has had an eye issue for the last 1.5 years.  Couldn't hurt to pop one of these every day, right?

That's all I got this week.



  1. You are just so good at this. How is hub's?

  2. I I would love to go Rite Aid shopping with you so I could learn from the master.

  3. I am convinced that you are the Rite Aid Deal Maker of the year. You are so good at it and I have a lot to learn.

  4. I think we could all tag along and take notes Sluggy. I love how your break form care giving includes caring for your family with the deal making. You are a great mom and wife.


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